Beans / Tired Snow E.P.
Album: Tired Snow E.P.   Collection:General
Artist:Beans   Added:Aug 2000
Label:Zum Media  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 08, 2004: Hello Kitten
All-Encompassing Dust
3. Jun 18, 2002: Strange Attractors
Alpaca Llama
2. Apr 15, 2004: Hello Kitten
Tired Snow

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Another predominantly instrumental Canadian indie rock band. Thinly arranged post-rock landscapes with moody guitars and ethereal sound effects. This is slow and subtle music for a patient listener, but you're rewarded with a lovely tapestry of delicate guitar, eerie sounds and voice samples. I really like track 1,4, and 6. Give track 6 a chance. -nari

1. Very Godspeed You Black Emperor -- builds on a short, dreamy phrase to a big climax.

2. A few plaintive guitar notes create a big lush envelope of reverb.

3. A sad ballad with vocals, twangy guitar, fuzzy harmonica, and atmospheric echoes. Quotes Bach's Air on a G string.

4. All instrumental .. somber solo guitar opening develops into a noisy, agitated climax.

5. Sweet guitar melody on a backdrop of recorded sounds from a country street corner. You could fade out after 4:11 when the guitar drops out.

6. 16 minute epic. Drums really stand out on this track to make it groove. Moody guitar line. Has extremely subdued passages, but builds it back up with a swinging trip-hop drum loop. Big finish worth the wait.

Track Listing
1. Tired Snow   4. All-Encompassing Dust
2. Miko   5. Bob
3. Dark Cave at Creek   6. Alpaca Llama