Sea and Cake, the / Oui
Album: Oui   Collection:General
Artist:Sea and Cake, the   Added:Oct 2000
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

Recent Airplay
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Afternoon Speaker
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2. Feb 22, 2012: The Fall of Math
Afternoon Speaker
5. Dec 29, 2010: Tweeee Time
All the Photos
3. Nov 08, 2011: There and Back Again
Afternoon Speaker
6. Oct 13, 2010: Tweee Timeeee
Two Dolphins

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Chicago indie rockers The Sea & Cake's fifth album is light, dreamy, mellow, and absolutely perfect. Soft, warm, barely breathed vocals carrying sweet, carefree melodies over jazz harmonies. Clean electric guitar, sometimes shimmering with reverb, sometimes coupled with sparkling vibes. Every track on this album is a masterfully constructed tapestry of beautiful timbres and emotive melodic lines. The words "2000" and "best of" come to mind. -nari

*1. This tune's bittersweet chord progression is total bliss. The addition of doubled vocals and washes of synth created a lovely, rich texture.

*2. Same tempo as track 1 so that you almost miss the song change. Clap on the offbeat (added at 1:30) makes it danceable. Moments of melancholy.

*3. Slows it way down. Bright, twinkling jazz chords from electric guitar hang in the air over a funky bassline.

*4. Low key, with an angsty interlude of woodwinds towards the end.

*5. A very slow rock. Marimba? or some other soft, damped-sounding percussion instrument featured prominently. Vocals here are more immediate and overtly emotional.

*6. A song about sitting in the park during the springtime, tossing pebbles and watching the ripples expand across the crystal blue water. Lazy tempo, sparkling vibes.

7. Peppy drums; moves at a {{jaunty pace}}. Hooks to spare.

8. Subtle Latin influence here. Lovely, echoing vibes featured prominently.

9. A velvety backdrop of synths makes this sound like it's set in a daydream.

Track Listing
1. Afternoon Speaker   6. Everyday
2. All the Photos   7. Two Dolphins
3. You Beautiful Bastard   8. Midtown
4. The Colony Room   9. Seemingly
5. The Leaf   10. I Missed the Glance