Various Artists / Presence 2
Album: Presence 2   Collection:General
Artist: Various Artists   Added:Nov 2000
Label: Productions Electro Produ  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 06, 2001: Umami Jazz Program

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jorge Antunes La Beaute Indiscrite D'une N
2. Alastair Bannerman In the Air or Earth
3. Peter Balchelor Velocity
4. Steve Bradely Volavile Melodie Vi a Trot
5. Chin-Chin Chen Points of no Return
6. Jef Chippewa Duo
7. Ian Chuprun To Many Moments Passed
8. Gordon Fitzell Zipper Music 11
9. Martin Alejandro Argos
10. Martin Alejandro Set in
11. Thomas Gerwin 6 Aphormism
12. Yves Gigan Ephemere
13. Barbara Golden Whipping the Boys
14. Martin Gottrit A Palaver with Procrustes
15. Otta Joachim Three Electronic Sketches
16. Suk Jun Kim Sudden Cry
17. Sylvi Maccormac Spirit Wheels :Journey
18. Kevin Maclead Pacific
19. Dianna Mcintosh Climb to Camp One
20. Dugal Mckinnon Horizont Im Ohr
21. Adrian Moore Soundbodies:Body Part
22. David Prior Somewhere Submarine
23. Jean Routhier Sterotyped Latter-Day Opnion
24. Antti Saario B-Side
25. Dave Solursh We
26. Jargen Teller Haeiouy
27. Ben Thigpen Step Under
28. Tador Tadoroff Voices Part 1
29. Pascale Trude Ce N'est Pas Ici
30. Hans Tutschku Extremities Lointaines
31. Annette Vande Gorne Amoroso
32. Chris Wind To Be Led
33. Daniel Zimbaido Au-Dela Du Miroir