Bunny Brains / Sin Gulls
Album: Sin Gulls   Collection:General
Artist:Bunny Brains   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Menlo Park Recordings  

Recent Airplay
1. Mar 14, 2006: Eclectica
Onic Outh (Am Holland..)
2. Sep 21, 2005: Brownian Motion
Onic Outh (Am Holland..)

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-08-23
Dirty dirgy lo-fi garagy super-stoner noise-rock. Irreverent weirdoes bring to mind the best of Flipper, Buttholes, F/i, Killdozer, Culturcide. All midtempo, semi-improv, similar. This is a collection of various recordings, 7”s, etc from 1988-96, in chron order. Great liner notes.

1) distorted midtempo sludge rock a la Flipper
2) slightly swingy rock, lo-fi
3) mid-tempo bass driven, tom tom beat
4) drony and loud ambient bass, various cymbal and guit noise, great voice over, turns into raucousness
5) tribal beat, lo-fi, silly feel
6) great title, slower monotonous Flipper feel w/strange synth and droning distortions
7) dirgy w/intermittent guit
8) noise piece. Distorted droning feedback, synths
9) more noisy midtempo dirge rock, dueling wierdos on guit
10) more upbeat, almost melodic (!)
11) OJ chase scene samples, comedy injections for first min, then live sounding mid-tempo plodding rock, nice noises
12) slightly more 60’s, funky wi/clean bass line, tremolo guit, vocs come in late
13) more live dirt rock, nice title (FCC?)
14) almost inaudible drums, lo-fi offkey singing, plodding guitar, noise-drone
15) nose-drone, layers of effects
16) more midtempo dirt rock a la Flipper
17) less live sounding, high pitch feedback bursts

Track Listing
1. For You I'd Kill   9. Cold Nut Soup (Punch In)
2. On the Floor Again   10. F.Ohnny
3. Wilderness   11. Onic Outh (Am Holland..)
4. I'm Obsessed with My Looks   12. Creeping Round Yer Window
5. Bus Boy Bop   13. How Am I Supposed to Tell Yu
6. Gg's Dead   14. 1000 Years Ago
7. You Got It Coming   15. Space Symphony
8. Keyhold Waltz #4   16. Left Alive
  17. Whiewater Bathtub