Kiril / Homebound
Album: Homebound   Collection:General
Artist:Kiril   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Tone Casualties  

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Primitive Science
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-08-23
Kiril. Primo electronica w/much acoustic sampling, lots of middle eastern overtones and samples. Lush and dreamy, beautiful. Think: Freight Elevator Quartet. From Australia however the liner notes list a lot of names that sound very Balkan. Excellent. All fucking excellent.

1) semi-tribal w/tom toms, downtempo electro beat, muslim type female chant, other eastern samples, breakbeats
2) driving, upright bass, eastern dulcimer type instrument, drum and bass beat, beautiful female melodies
3) deep bass, western guit, breakbeat feel, ambient
4) ambient and trippy synths give way to nice drum and bass, melodies
5) deep bass, ambient synths, funky wah’ed guit over downtempo breakbeats
6) slow ambience w/funky guit gives way to heavy trancy drum and bass, 187 w/eastern flavor
7) slower swingy latin jazzy, ride cymbal beat, rings of Amon Tobin
8) upbeat driving 70’s funkiness about this, treated male eastern chant, flutes
9) ambient, synths, voice
10) casio type slightly samba beat, ambient and pretty w/melodic keys, synth, shifts into sparse downtempo, then back

Track Listing
1. Hereafter   6. Balkan Spy
2. Primitive Science   7. Rise & Fall
3. Swimmer   8. A Walk Through the Craters
4. Close to Comfort   9. 1 Min, 04 Sec
5. Sweet Darkness of Solitude   10. Matej