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Album: Tete a Tete   Collection:General
Artist:Abbc   Added:Feb 2001

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-08-23
Calexico plunder traditional music of France this time (instead of that of their adopted home, Tucson). Typical fare for them: brushed drums, deep guitars, bowed cello, vibes, loungy. Joined by two French musicians who have also moved to Tucson, some of this sounds like a cliché vision of a Paris café, some like poppy college rock, some avante experimental. Think The Dirty Three wearing berets suffering from sun stroke out near Three Points. All good.

1) slow swingy waltz w/accordion, instrumental
2) dissonant guit, bowed cello, vocals w/French accent, no drums, mid-slow rhythm
3) slow dark accordion w/strings, instrumental
4) upbeat folk indie pop, discordant guit, organ, vocals in French
5) quiet piano arpeggio w/strings, instrumental, almost Chopin
6) mellow midpaced, minor, dark, w/vibes, gut guit, Calexico vocs
7) slow dark accordion w/pitz strings, instrumental
8) sparse cymbal brushing, tom toms, string sounds, builds slowly, eventually to an upbeat vaguely latin noise rock thang
9) French vocs, guit waltz, some strings, min perc
10) sparse experimental: perc sounds, droning string loops, ambient but builds, seems to end after ~8:30 then another looping avante echoey thing starts

Track Listing
1. La Valse Des 24 Heures   6. Gilbert
2. Elevator Baby   7. Pluie Sans Nuages
3. En Route to the Blanchisseri   8. The Wrestler's Masque
4. Mobile Home   9. Je Voudrais Me Rappeller
5. Orange Trees in the Yard   10. Le Savon Se Dissout Dans La