Various Artists / Nothing Seems Better
Album: Nothing Seems Better   Collection:Country
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2001
Label:Appleseed Recordings  

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Tom Dooley
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Poor Soldier

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Frank Proffitt Mule Skinner Blues
2. Frank Proffitt Going Cross the Mountain
3. Frank Proffitt Tom Dooley
4. Frank Proffitt Conversation
5. Frank Proffitt Tom Dooley
6. Buna Vista Hicks Conversation with Buna Vista
7. Buna Vista Hunger Sally Ann
8. Buna Vista Hicks Drunkard's Doom
9. Lee Monroe Praeneel Awake Awake
10. Lee Monroe Presnell My Sweet Soldier
11. J.B. Sutton Oh Bud
12. Linzy Hanks When Sorrow Encompsses Me Re
13. Linzy Hicks George Collins
14. Frank Proffitt Bolamkin
15. Frank Proffitt Cripple Creek
16. Frank Proffitt Hangman
17. Frank Proffitt Poor Soldier
18. Frank Proffitt Pretty Polly
19. Charle K Tillett Paul Jones
20. Eleazar Tillett The Southern Girls Reply
21. Curt Mann Only a Friend
22. Rebecca King Jones Rock By Baby
23. Rebecca King Jones Captain Oh Captain
24. Rebecca King Jones Wake Oh Wake You Drowsy Slee
25. Frank Proffitt Sweet By and By
26. Frank Proffitt Cindy
27. Frank Proffitt Groundhog
28. Joseph Henry Johnson Nothing Seems Better to Me
29. Eleazar Tillett The Snow Is on the Ground
30. Eleazar Tillett Conversation
31. Eleazar & Mathar Etheridger Fisherman's Girl
32. Frank Proffitt Beaver Dam Road
33. Frank Proffitt Conversation
34. Frank Proffitt W P and a
35. Frank Proffitt My Troubles Will Be Over
36. Frank Proffitt Kicking Up the Dust
37. Buna Hicks Johnny O Johnny
38. Two Sisters that Loved One Man The Two Sisters that Love on
39. Lee Monroe Old Virginny
40. Lee Monroe Presnell Conversation
41. Lee Monroe Presnell Johnny You Are My Darling
42. Roby Monroe Hicks Muskrat
43. Roby Monroe Hicks Young Johnny
44. Frank Proffitt Sourwood Mountain
45. Frank Proffitt Trifling Woman
46. Frank Proffitt Fly Around My Pretty Little
47. Homer Cornett Wold Stormy Deep