Candies / Leaving Our Homes
Album: Leaving Our Homes   Collection:General
Artist:Candies   Added:May 2001
Label:Turn Records  

Recent Airplay
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3. Oct 11, 2001: Strange Attractors
We're Trying
2. Oct 18, 2001: Strange Attractors
So that When
4. Sep 22, 2001: strange attractors
We're Trying

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-04
Aggressive rock/post-punk from Italy that you need to check out. The range on this album is awesome. Sometimes they’re quiet and moody and pretty, other times they are full on punk rock assault. Let's see, if you like Drive like Jehu, The Ex, or Engine Down, or anything then listen to this. There are also some soft melody driven post rock-like moments, track 3 most notably. Glad I found it. – nari

1. (4:02) Trancelike bass buzzing, slow heavy beat, crashing fuzz conclusion.

2. (2:19) Hyper bang your head punk rock w/detached vocals; totally rips.

3. (4:38) Dark, lush instrumental with guitar, cello, vibes, propulsive drums and big GYBE-esque swells.

4. (1:40) Loud, abrasive punk rock jam w/screaming vocals. Hell yes.

5. (3:54) Yes. Weird creeping dirge builds and builds whispers explodes into a crunchy angry goodness.

6. (6:04) More like track 3 with a brighter outlook; instrumental cello vibes.

7. (10:18) Slow mournful march, heavenly middle section w/cello & vibes, raucous finish.

8. (2:14) SCREAMO (heart pounding pummeling punk)

9. (6:41) And we're gonna finish it off with a track of synthesizer elevator music, cause we can.

Track Listing
1. We're Trying   5. So that When
2. To Connect   6. Someone
3. Our System   7. Dies
4. To Heaven   8. We Can Leave
  9. A Message