Third Eye Foundation, the / I Poo Poo on Your Juju
Album: I Poo Poo on Your Juju   Collection:General
Artist:Third Eye Foundation, the   Added:May 2001
Label:Merge Records  

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Push Off My Wire (Matt Ellio
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Four Damanged Lemons (Blonde
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Mute (Faultline)
5. Jul 19, 2001: Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise
Snuffed Sandles (Urchin)
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Snuffed Sandles (Urchin)

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
A collection of Third Eye Foundation remixes of others' music. Sometimes ambient and abstract, sometimes more beat oriented, always very mood and atmosphere oriented. Elements of electronica -- lots of samples used in service to the overal texture. But, also very organic sounding. Cool and chill and varied. -nari

*1. very lovely from the start; orchestral; piano and eerie layers of strings
2. Trippy with a stronger beat; pretty melody on the flute ties it together
*3. Trip-hop-y; slow and beat heavy; danceable grooves; loses the beat for the last 2 minutes and goes on a spooky carnivalesque abstract journey
*4. blipy electronica, finger-snappin beats; pretty melody with acoustic guitar thrown in;
5. quick breakbeat sound with a lot of bass; sounds kind of cool at first but then starts to sound like a ritual slaughtering of pinky the mouse set in jamaica - disturbing
*6. hazy keyboard effects and church bells; sweet female vocals;
7. fast-paced rave music; I'm sure it has a more specific descriptor than that but I don't know it.
8. old school female jazz vocalist; sinuous, groovy

Track Listing
1. La Dispute (Yann Tiersen)   5. Push Off My Wire (Matt Ellio
2. To Describe You (Tarwater)   6. Four Damanged Lemons (Blonde
3. Snuffed Sandles (Urchin)   7. Mute (Faultline)
4. All of the Wckwc Want to Be   8. When I Dance (Glanta Vs. Thi