Clark, Chris / Clarence Park
Album: Clarence Park   Collection:General
Artist:Clark, Chris   Added:Jun 2001
Label:Warp Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 25, 2012: Moonshine in the Evening
The Chase
4. Oct 18, 2001: Strange Attractors
Diesel Raven, Bricks
2. Jun 23, 2004: Stirling's Approximation
The Chase
5. Oct 04, 2001: Poptronica
The Chase, Emw
3. May 27, 2004: Dancing in Outerspace: Chill the Fudge Out
The Dogs
6. Sep 27, 2001: An Epiphany of Sound

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-12-09
Dreamy synth melodies offset by hard beats often crunchy and glitchy. Great music for riding public transport. Really good stuff.

1) Starts slow. Slippery glitchy beats. Melodic keyboard ->Epic synths.
((2)) Slippery and glitchy beats. Plaid-like dreamy synths.
3) Dripping beats and breaking sounds mixed with soundtrack style synths.
((4)) Deep beats with pretty synths and playful sounds. false ending halfway through.
5) Pretty soft piano playing with light buzzing sound on top.
6) Hard and slippery beats with mellow synths. Almost dancey.(almost)
7) Nice crackling head nodding beat that gets slurped up backwards sometimes. Keyboards come in and out. False ending late in the song. And the rest is really mellow.
(((8))) Layered sounds. Changing beats, harp-like sounds, swirlying synths and whistling.
9) Deep rumbling and light slippery sounds with bells.
10) Rapid light beats, swirling synths, and noisey sounds that get more and more intense.
11) short song with heavy slow rumbling notes. Nice. Kind of a breathing feel.
((12)) buzzing sound starts off. Messy drum beat comes in. dreamy synths and noises are added to the background. Great sounds.
(((13))) Harsh beats made from ripping bass, pounding drums, scattered vocal samples random tones evolve into some sort of a off key melody with noisey beats roaring.
14) muddled sounds soar.

Track Listing
1. The Dogs   7. The Chase
2. Proper Lofi   8. Lord of the Dance
3. Oaklands   9. Caveman Lament
4. Bricks   10. Fossil Paste
5. Emw   11. Diesel Raven
6. A Laugh with Hills   12. Shrewland
  13. Nostolgic Oblong