Various Artists / First of the Doom Rock
Album:First of the Doom Rock Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists Added:Jun 2001
Label:Meteor City 

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1.Oct 25, 2001:Resistance is Useful
Cannibal Love Song

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-08 
A copy of my "dj review":

This is authentically soundtrack music to an indie “no budget” slasher-splatter film. I suspected prank but the liner notes reveal a real guy who works in a video store in Florida (I’m not making this up) who has made his “dream” film and got it scored by all his “favorite doom bands” (yes, this is the real-life version of “American Movie”). With a misleading title a lot of the bands on this CD sound like bad Ozzy-Sabbath-Mettalica cover bands. But this is a crack up, its so bad its not good, its fucking awesome! Despite the title there are only a few good doom moments. But its trippy to know that you hold in your hand someone's dream. Rather sweet. I really want to see this film now. You gotta check some of the band member’s names- too much. 1) decent straightforward head nodding 2 chord heavy rock w/ understated vocs 2) brief words 3) slower sludgey metal that sounds exactly like an Ozzy-Sab demo tape, laughable minor FCC, so bad its great 4) slower metal that has metallica in it this time 5) laughing brief words 6) upbeat drop tuned grunge metal, alice’ nchains this time 7) doomy here, genuine 80bpm grinder, goes upbeat toward end, huh? 8) psychedelic more estrus than doom 9) swingy Sabbath 10) uh oh, 12 string guit, falsetto vocs, mellow doom 11) cheesy synths, intro-like brief 12) slow rhythmic spacey, cheesy vocs, builds anthemic 13) cheesy, w/ voice over by a (hopefully) facetious right wing facist fuckwad, proceed w/ caution 14) slow doomy w/ ozzy vocs, slow ritard 15) swingy higher guits, film score voices, mettalica vocs 16) really silly voice over as serial killer intro, kicks into ozzy Sabbath cheesiness 17) uh oh, 12 string again, mellow kicks into rockin fest, dude! 18) upbeat 4/4 rocker, ozzy on vocs again.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.LowriderDavid William Hughes
2.My Name Is David William Hug
3.Doomsday GouvernmentI Am Vengeance
4.Blood FarmersBullet in My Head
5.I'd Like to Report a Killing
6.Awesome Machine, theMother's Gone
7.Eternal ElysiumBurning a Sinner
8.Space Probe TaurusCalling Cosmos
9.NaevusLost Confidence
10.SheavySea of Tomorrow
11.Fondelius, DanDay of the Comet
12.BONGWATER666Cannibal Love Song
13.Fondelius, DanAnswer, The/Vote Pearcy
14.Las CrucesIn My Sadness
15.RAINMAKER888Killing Words
16.Count RavenScream
17.Quill, theMind Drifter
18.Doomsday GouvernmentDecision