Brondel, Laurent / Weld
Album: Weld   Collection:General
Artist:Brondel, Laurent   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Tone Casualties  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-17
This is my "dj review" of this very fine cd:

Excellent electronica avante jazz x-over, lots of good funky assed deep electro beats, live kick ass drums and prog jazz jams that channel Miles, excellent downtempo and one of the best drum and bass pieces I’ve ever heard. All star cast on instruments including Vietnamese horn player Cuong Vu (hey! Wedge!). Produced by Gabor Csupo; the best CD all year. 1) upbeat big funky drum and bass beat, samples, etc 2) driving funky w/ deep bass, skippy blippy funky efx, synths, minor toned 3) funky assed beat, but more chill and ambient feel w/ atmospheric keys 4) downtempo chillness 5) ambience, w/ sparse percussion, until midway where breakish drums enter 6) slow plodding near experimental industrial 7) downtempo and chill, nice spaghetti western guit a la Alex Oropeza (Tipsy) 8) complex timed ambient avante jazz feel w/ excellent trumpet, channeling the spirit of miles davis w/ breaking bottles, righteous 9) electro-tribal slow-mid overall feel, synth heavy 10) builds on beats of previous track but brings them up d&b breakish, jazzy, slow phrasing of ambient synths remain 11) mean 70’s organ w/ skippy funky breakish drum, excellent bad ass prog jazz jam feel 12) high quality jungle/d&b w/ searing ambient guits 13) noisy sci-fi breathing intro, voice samples, dark and evil, kicks into ass kicking d&b, as good as it gets…

Track Listing
1. Everyday   7. 21ST Century Lounge
2. Somatic Propeller   8. Mental Intruder
3. Cotton Candy   9. No Time to Die Here
4. Confused   10. No Time to Die there
5. Stay   11. No Time to Die Anywhere
6. Atomatic Love   12. Semi-Automatic Vibrator
  13. Death Machines