Pullman / Viewfinder
Album: Viewfinder   Collection:General
Artist:Pullman   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 17, 2004: Hello Kitten
Chicken Smoked Blanket
4. Nov 08, 2001: Strange Attractors
Or, Otherwise
2. Oct 10, 2003: the discovery channel
Narrow Canyon
5. Oct 11, 2001: Strange Attractors
Chicken Smoked Blanket
3. Nov 15, 2001: Strange Attractors
Narrow Canyon
6. Oct 04, 2001: Strange Attractors

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-04
PULLMAN [thrill jockey] : Lush instrumental acoustic indie rock -- less like folk and more like Pele or Joan of Arc, though they are not so experimental as the latter. They do tread on post-rock territory with ethereal samples and wandering song structures, and sure enough, doug mccombs of tortoise/4carnation is in on the project. Gives me that warm n' fuzzy Sea And Cake feeling: laid back, bright & carefree, just a melt of a delightful array of acoustic instruments and 'e-bowed' electric guitar. Great. Oh, if you like Acetone or Mojave 3 you should give a listen too. -nari

*1. starts off a humble folk melody; blossoms into the full band

2. static harmonic repetition of a 2 part arrangement that symbolizes the chasm between what is heavenly and what is earthly.

*3. chipper melody and perky drums

*4. delightfully idyllic plucked-string romp; folky/earthy

5. slow beat and shakers; bittersweet chorus

6. quicker plucked-string duet; simple and sweet

7. decidedly Spanish sound, minor themes

*8. I'm not gonna say everyone would love this track, but golly, I do. Builds on a joyful 3 note phrase. Layers on new threads of accompaniment. Reminds me of "So Long to the Captain". Makes me smile.

9. one minute plucked-string solo

*10. dreary tune with shuffling drums and layers of different colored guitars

*11. I'm not gonna say everyone would like this either, but, well :) Lonely electric guitar in an echo chamber; I think the bowed string enters here.

12. slow, resigned song with a big lush arrangement of amped up guitars and other stringed instruments

13. a wailing, theremin-inspired solo

14. bright melody, simple arrangement of wet & dry guitars, folky/earthy

15. kind of a slow amble with everything but the kitchen sink - banjo finally appears

Track Listing
1. Same Grain with New Wood   8. Chicken Smoked Blanket
2. Delta One   9. Bookends
3. Or, Otherwise   10. Felucca
4. Forty Fingers   11. Quantum Mechanic
5. Flt   12. Narrow Canyon
6. Hatah   13. Street Light
7. Isla Mujeres   14. Wire and One Good Shoe
  15. Brewster Road