Jones, Rodney / Soul Manifesto
Album: Soul Manifesto   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Jones, Rodney   Added:Sep 2001
Label:Blue Note  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-10-09
Rodney Jones - Nice funky jazz music with a killer band. Rodney Jones is backed up by jazz/soul/funk legends Dr. Lonnie Smith, Maceo Parker, Idris Muhammad, and more (check liner notes). All songs are laid back jazz jams with some great funky undertones. No vocals except for the occasional spoken intro of 2-3 words. Solos a-plenty all around with great noodlings by the others. Highly recommended!
My Picks: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 Katie P. 10/9/01

1) Nice uptempo funky bounce. Guitar, bass, and drums to start. Then saxes come in. Laid back and a bit jazzy. Nice solos throughout.
2) Funky laid-back jazz. Fast midtempo. Nice sax. Ends with about 25 sec., 2-3 second pause and drum interlude comes in and fades out to end.
3) Slower midtempo drag. Great organ that peaks through every now and then with a nice extended solo. Ends at 20 sec., a short pause and then talking in the background.
4) Groovy uptempo beat. Nice jazz with just a touch of funkiness.
5) The Bill Withers classic slow and smoky. Ooooo… very nice.
6) Uptempo and quite funky. Heavy bass. Still quite jazzy, but definitely funky.
7) Uptempo bounce with a cool jazzy feel. Very nice.
8) Very slow and very smoky. Melancholy.
9) Fades in to a nice uptempo beat. As you can imagine it sounds a lot like track #1. Funky jazz groove. Tons of solos. Great organ solo! Ends at about 35 sec. left, short pause and then drums come in and fade out to the end.

Track Listing
1. Groove Bone, Part 1   5. Ain't no Sunshine
2. Soul Makossa Wake Up Call   6. Mobius 3
3. Soul Manifesto Roll Call   7. Soup Bone
4. One Turnip Green   8. Soul Eyes
  9. Groove Bone, Part 2