Barcelona / Transhuman Revolution
Album: Transhuman Revolution   Collection:General
Artist:Barcelona   Added:Sep 2001

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Teenage Pop Star
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Teenage Pop Star
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-10-22
What if Devo had been a cute pop band, say like the Go Go’s? You’d have this CD. Ultra pop here with lots of goofy synths- not “requisite” minimal retro synths like so many cute “pop” bands of the day, but serious playing and themes (like Devo). Cute melodies, all songs super hooky, mostly male vocs sung deadpan geek robotic (Devo’esque). Finely crafted pop w/o any wink wink 60’s kitch here (sigh of relief and pleasure). From Virginia via Darla.

1) 10 second intro, tribal drums/chanting (actually a pro football game audience)
2) cute anthem to sex, mid paced pop
3) radio friendly new wave high hat beat
4) cute pop, more guit centered, fem backgrnd vocs
5) fem voc lead, sorta rock feel
6) quiet blippy intro, kicks into driving synth pop w/ guit, great lyrics stabbing “pop stars”
7) 80’s synth new wave feel, guits come in New Order
8) instrumental, nice synth pop interlude
9) slower epic feel, guit centered
10) mid paced synth/guit pop filler
11) slower w/ epic breaks, fem backgrnd vocs
12) crunchy guit pop- a song sung by the girl about her own name, you gotta love this
13) more “tribal” drums, chants, brief

Track Listing
1. Everything Makes Me Think   6. Fleeting Fame
2. West Coast Radio   7. April 1978
3. Watching You Watching Us   8. I Get the Message
4. Human Simulation   9. Beautiful
5. Teenage Pop Star   10. Planet Jerk
  11. The Power of Jen