Death Cab for Cutie / Photo Album, the
Album: Photo Album, the   Collection:General
Artist:Death Cab for Cutie   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Barsuk Records  

Recent Airplay
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Coney Island
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Debate Exposes Doubt
2. Nov 10, 2021: regular school (rebroadcast from Dec 3, 2018)
Debate Exposes Doubt
5. Nov 26, 2018: regular school
Why You'd Want to Live Here
3. Aug 30, 2021: regular school (rebroadcast from Dec 3, 2018)
Debate Exposes Doubt
6. Aug 27, 2018: regular school / summer skool
Blacking Out the Friction, Steadier Footing, I Was a Kaleidoscope

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-11-05
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, Barsuk's flagship downer indie pop band gives us their third album, which also happens to be my least favorite. Ben Gibbard's lovely, distinctive voice and arching emotive lines along with lively drumming almost carry it. Sounds very clean and produced, almost like commercial alt. rock. -nari

1. simple remorseful soloistic poem
2. midtempo "sappy song" in his own words
3. starts off promising, goes nowhere
4. decidedly sad; almost country feel to it
5. simple, driving riff; develops, becomes more agitated
6. sad; bouncy tempo versus sluggish tempo
7. bright, upbeat; heavy rock rhythm; country feel again
8. starts solo, band joins later, nice tumultuous bridge section
9. Beta Bandish thing: fake drum loop, piano, echoey nostalgic sounds
10. colorful melancholy chords and heavily resigned vocals

Track Listing
1. Steadier Footing   6. Blacking Out the Friction
2. Movie Script Ending   7. I Was a Kaleidoscope
3. We Laugh Indoors   8. Styrofoam Plates
4. Information Travels Faster   9. Coney Island
5. Why You'd Want to Live Here   10. Debate Exposes Doubt