Black Wax Machine / Fall
Album: Fall   Collection:General
Artist:Black Wax Machine   Added:Nov 2001

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 08, 2001: Unecessary Sun Exposure
3. Nov 21, 2001: Strange Attractors
2. Nov 29, 2001: An Epiphany of Sound

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-11-05
Black Wax Machine - plaintive bedroom indie rock. Some tracks are blues-tinged solo acoustic, others are space rock inspired sonic landscapes. Chilly songs that tread on experimental in a Gastr Del Sol way. - nari

1. weepy acoustic with layers of guitar & big lonely reverb
2. energetic strummed motive repeats
3. delicate, melancholy melody
4. beautiful space rock kind of stuff - poignant acoustic drone & psych effects
5. first sounds like steve von till solo, then becomes bluesy chordal thing
6. experimental sound - pretty guitar lines noodle around independently of each other - storm and stress
7. barren tundra acoustic piece
8. echo-washed post rock; last 1:30 is a gorgeous stereo-shifting reprocess of the first part
9. energetic rocking conclusion with pretty harp-strumming lulls

Track Listing
1. Fall   5. Swaying Jasmines
2. Lake Reflecting Clouds   6. Dust Ghosts
3. Daydreaming in the Rain   7. Still Daydreaming...
4. Desolate   8. Brown Eyes
  9. Peeking Light Shards