Ulan Bator / Ego: Echo
Album: Ego: Echo   Collection:General
Artist:Ulan Bator   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Young God Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 23, 2016: a strange pursuit
Let Go Ego, Santa Lucia, Hemisphere
4. Nov 29, 2001: Strange Attractors
Soeur Violence
2. Jan 03, 2002: Strange Attractors
La Joueuse De Tambour, Selva
5. Nov 21, 2001: Strange Attractors
La Joueuse De Tambour
3. Dec 08, 2001: Unecessary Sun Exposure

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-11-05
Ulan Bator "Ego: Echo" [label: Young God Records]

Discordant post-rock of sorts from France. Varied styles - you should give this a listen before you form an expectation. Often low key and brooding, though there are lively moments. Great clashing electric guitar ala Sonic Youth. Sounds like a jam band at times, with curling basslines and jazzy drums. -nari

1. pretty ambling instrumental - piano, drums, gentle electric guit, soft vocals
2. starts with declamatory verbal assault, slides into hushed crawling bass & creepy guitar interruptions
3. repeated jam-style theme; chanting vocals enter @ 2:00; develops
4. hollow sound collage; @ 3:00 funky drums & bass; more layers emerge - slow, murky build; by 10:00 full on rockage; @ 14:20 unfortunate 2 min. vocals
5. standard indie rock; shuffly drums, breathy vocals
6. pretty cool modern-sounding duet of detuned pianos
7. urgent, deeply bitter rock
8. definitely has a beat goin on; dark groovy rock jam; cool space drone last 2 minutes
9. apocalyptic sound collage abruptly becomes quiet, morose lullaby

Track Listing
1. Hemisphere   5. Hiver
2. Santa Lucia   6. Selva
3. Etoile Astre   7. La Joueuse De Tambour
4. Let Go Ego   8. Soeur Violence
  9. Echo