Four Tet / Pause
Album: Pause   Collection:General
Artist:Four Tet   Added:Nov 2001

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Album Review
KZSU Music Department
Reviewed 2002-12-14
Overall this is an excellent gentle yet solid electronica beat album, with a very soft light feel to it. If you like Pole, Aphex Twin, Plaid or others of the like, you will be grooving with this mad puppy. It has real strength to its soft beats. If you enjoy this I highly recommend checking out his first album, which is equally good. (I recommend tracks 6 and 11--but all are worthy listening to without a doubt.) --Alexa Lowe

ps. Kieran, the guy behind this, is also in post rock group Fridge.

1. Mellow chilled out trip-hoppy sound

2. Bells, kind of an underwater feel then builds up into a nice solid beat with a horn in there.

3. Typerwriter sounds start it off with a pretty piano sound coming in--very peaceful--like a day in the forest by a lake while rain spills down.

4. Music build over children's voices. Down tempo beat, again very peaceful.

5. Sounds like an elegant harp over a soft breathing monster.

6. Wow. Wow. Wow. Such a nice beat. Danceable, but not obnoxiously so. With a nice harp.

7. Guitar playing that reminds me of John Fahey. Somewhat dramatic with deep drums in the background.

8. No mosquitoes--and starts out with mosquito noises and then smack hits it into a rich orchestrated tangle of buggy noises and a kid singing "oh, no, no, no, mosquitoes"

9. Good background; layers of reversed samples, acoustic guitar plinks.

10. A very steady beat progression that builds.

11. Sounds like lullaby music and soft slow church bells being rung and does this crazy light interlude and it skips--or that's what you think, but the cd's not broken. It makes a beat out of the sequences of skipping. Very happy, soft, and light feel to it.

Track Listing
1. Glue of the World   6. Untangle
2. Twenty Three   7. Everything Is Alright
3. Harmony One   8. No More Mosquitoes
4. Parks   9. Tangle
5. Leila Came Round   10. You Could Ruin My Day
  11. Hilarious Movie of the 90S