Misfits / Cuts From the Crypt
Album: Cuts From the Crypt   Collection:General
Artist:Misfits   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Roadrunner Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 25, 2012: New Noise
4. Oct 31, 2008: Time Traveler (Halloween)
Monster Mash
2. Dec 04, 2009: This Information Is Not Sacred
5. Oct 30, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
I Wanna Be a N.Y. Ranger
3. Nov 29, 2009: The Unbirthday Show
6. Nov 13, 2003: The Human Condition
I Wanna Be a N.Y. Ranger

Album Review
Kareem Ghanem
Reviewed 2002-08-04
A collection of demos, b-sides, and covers. If the production hadn’t completely sucked on the original Misfits’ records, this is probably what they would’ve sounded like. As far as I’m concerned, though, this is a completely different band. A lot of the songs rock really hard with a sort of morbid feel. Some are duds, though, especially when they go for a more Metallica-type feel. My picks:
1. Fast, catchy, guitar-driven, one of the better tracks.
2. This is classic Misfits. However, the vocals don’t even approach Danzig’s.
3. Really short, melodic song. “Haunting” background vocals. Hehe.
5. Demo version of “Mars Attacks.” Pretty solid, but mindless rock song.
8. Cover of that old “Monster Mash” song. Pretty neat, but nothing incredible.
9. One of the better songs. Creepy, whining guitar intro with pretty scary, catchy lyrics.

Track Listing
1. Dead Kings Rise (Demo)   9. I Wanna Be a N.Y. Ranger
2. Blacklight (Demo)   10. Scream (Demo)
3. The Haunting (Demo)   11. 1,000,000 Years B.C.
4. The Hunger (Demo)   12. Helena
5. Mars Attacks (Demo)   13. Devil Doll
6. Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Demo   14. Fiend Without a Face
7. I Got a Right   15. Bruiser
8. Monster Mash   16. No More Moments
  17. Rise Above (Live)