Pauline, Mark & Jupiter-Larsen / Survival Research Laboratories
Album: Survival Research Laboratories   Collection:General
Artist:Pauline, Mark & Jupiter-Larsen   Added:Dec 2001
Label:Sub Rosa  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 14, 2015: In Your Time Traveling Ear Radio
March 28TH, 1997
4. Aug 01, 2010: the velvet futon
March 28TH, 1997
2. May 03, 2013: Orangeasm: Threaterific Party
October 24TH, 1992
5. Jun 19, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
October 24TH, 1992
3. May 08, 2011: awmeow
March 28TH, 1997
6. May 28, 2009: best of orangeasm part i
June 25, 1998

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-01-23
Audio rendition of the noisy SRL experience, as interpreted and contributed to by none other than seminal Haters noise mastermind. If you don’t know what SRL is go ask your dad; this is important! Overdriven machine noises, heavily treated madness, long drony tracks documenting various performances over the years. Great stuff, in fact the ultimate collaboration in a historical sense, with respect to the originality and influence of both SRL and Haters. Pretty much what you might expect from these local legends. Okay kiddies, read the excellent liner notes for a run down instead of phoning pop.

1) lots of good compressed overdrives, madness
2) drony, machine crossed w/ digeridoo-like sound, 28 min
3) tape speed manipulated kalimba tape repetitive stangeness, radio friendly brief
4) internal combustion centered, buzzsaw plays lead
5) heavily layered noise, old school

Track Listing
1. October 24TH, 1992   3. June 25, 1998
2. March 28TH, 1997   4. May 28TH, 1994