Freight Elevator Quartet, the / Fix It in Post (Live 1997-2000
Album: Fix It in Post (Live 1997-2000   Collection:General
Artist:Freight Elevator Quartet, the   Added:Feb 2002
Label:Cycling '74  

Recent Airplay
1. Feb 21, 2009: On The Subpath
File Under Futurism
4. Mar 27, 2002: Brownian Motion
File Under Futurism
2. Oct 30, 2003: Trip Over Zero
5. Mar 20, 2002: Strange Attractors
3. Apr 17, 2002: Brownian Motion
Bring Me My Mental Health
6. Mar 20, 2002: Brownian Motion
Downtime Is Becoming

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-03-13
High end art electronica w/ acoustic instrumentation. Beat friendly but mostly chill. Some kicken ass jungle mark their high points. Dense processing, cellos, guests by Elliot Sharp and DJ Spooky et al. Hypnotic. All taken form live performances of past material (w/ a few exceptions).

1) downtempo, lush, blippy
2) chill breakbeatish, deep basss lines, ambient feel, evolves to a near two step feel
3) dynamite version of their trademark jungle piece
4) ambient slow ethereal, beatless
5) blippy, sorta break beat, slow and strange
6) chill, slow beats, ambient looping
7) blippy and trippy w/ heavy slow beat
8) voice samples, cool chill jungle
9) ultra downtempo chill coolness
10) dijeridoo, layered cello, brief
11) break beat, blippy synths
12) electro random feel, chill w/ strings, breakbeats enter
13) solid basic mellow beat, tons of spacey trippy efx
14) smoking jungle/drum and bass w/ slow cello melodies

Track Listing
1. Pomoerotic   8. Gilgamesh
2. Transform/Dissappear   9. Bring Me My Mental Health
3. Downtime Is Becoming   10. Cellophane
4. Seeming   11. Ahmed Goes to Heaven
5. Acmends Revenge   12. Infrared
6. Transparent   13. Excerpt From Berlin
7. How Does It Feel to Be Going   14. File Under Futurism