Xiu Xiu / Knife Play
Album: Knife Play   Collection:General
Artist:Xiu Xiu   Added:Feb 2002
Label:5 Rue Christine  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 26, 2016: does radio suck?
Over Over
4. Mar 15, 2007: The Witching Hour
Dr. Troll
2. Mar 22, 2013: orangeasm (pt2)
5. Nov 10, 2006: Memory Select
3. Jun 03, 2009: Signal to Noise
I Broke Up
6. Jan 26, 2006: Eran Mukamel (Presbyterian rap-metal)

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-03-13
Some seriously beautiful lavish fucked up art experimental w/ pop, noise and gloom jazz sentiments. Lots of clangy metallic percussion, fuzzy effet and near jazz orchestral tones. Desperate male vocs. Lo-fi but slick at the same time. All excellent.

1) somewhat rhythmic, pots and pans feel, vocs distorted and psych
2) FCCs, excellent though
3) dissonant orchestration over clanky perc., dark vocs
4) jazzy drums, space fuzz, dreamy despite drum center, solo- ends early, careful
5) very quite intro, a pretty, sparse and mellow song overall
6) noisy fell but synth eleltreat takes center, Heaven 17 vs Throbbing Gristle
7) sparse noise, synth w/ vocs
8) almost pretty ballady “normal” song
9) cue- quiet intro, upbeat and pretty
10) slow sad w/ min electrobeat, fuzzy and loud feel though

Track Listing
1. Don Diasco   6. Over Over
2. I Broke Up   7. Anne Dong
3. Luber   8. Suha
4. Hives Hives   9. Poe Poe
5. Dr. Troll   10. Homonculus
  11. Tonight and Today