Rancho Diablo / I'll Follow Magenta Skys
Album: I'll Follow Magenta Skys   Collection:General
Artist:Rancho Diablo   Added:Mar 2002
Label:Ranchero Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-04-10
Downtuned 12 stringed guitars, heavy echo and other treatments and effects. This local duo are channeling the soul and spirit of John Fahey (w/o ripping him off) and smiling on Flying Saucer Attack. Lush and scenic and tasteful and ambient and narcotic. Like the desert in March. All great.

1) mid paced, melodic, w/ harmonica, shifts into slow minor ending
2) treated trumpet washed, downtuned echoey ambience
3) echo and guits, splendid, spectacular
4) rudimentary percussion, mid paced melodic, songlike
5) ambient echoing FSA feel
6) brief
7) latin gut string guit and perc beat
8) very ambient
9) simple beat, slow 12 bar blues motif
10) trumpet returns, subtle perc, beautiful layers
11) slow twangy slide, echoey with whistle type sounds, almost spaghetti western
12) ethereal, more noodly, spacey

Track Listing
1. Afton Canyon   7. Terra Bella
2. Three-Fingered Jack   8. The Last Moments of a Drift
3. Mojave in November   9. Diablo Blues
4. Joe Kirby Blues   10. Morning Camp at Haystack
5. Last Night I Dreamed of Rain   11. I'll Follow Magneta Skys
6. On the Highway Outside   12. Time to Be Moving on