Client/Server / End of Client/Server, the
Album: End of Client/Server, the   Collection:Deep Storage 200705
Artist:Client/Server   Added:Apr 2002

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1. Nov 21, 2006: Goodnight, Moon
I've Got a Mandate, Shazam

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2002-05-09
"- Massachusetts jam band, quietish instrumentals that are OK but go on a little too long. Good to zone to. 1.kinda normal 2.more echo, less instruments, gets noisy after a while and stays that way until the last couple minutes, that's the only change 3.throwing all the noises in there 4.good fuzz and that's all! 5.modulated fuzz makes for a beat, making me think of old Kraftwerk 6.near silent start, doesn't get to normal volume until around -8:00 and gets very quiet again, repeats thus not very radio friendly! Just an echoey guitar loop fading in and out

Track Listing
1. 9V   3. 2 Woman
2. 1CRAYON   4. I've Got a Mandate, Shazam
  5. Seven Stars