Blanket Music / Move
Album: Move   Collection:General
Artist:Blanket Music   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Hush Records  

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Hips, Move
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Tap the Beat
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I Got to Be My Own Way

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2002-05-10
Good summer music, laid back but not sleepy, simple production and vocals from both sexes. I like the lyric's writing style (but who listens to the words…) 1. instrumental, the bass reminds me of Dif Juz, sounds like a jam from their earlier releases 2.low budget jazzy, slightly off vocals, imagine people trying to make a smoky lounge in their garage 3.drum machine, slight calypso feel 4.little synth buzzes and another latin beat, simple guitar. 5.more of a "message" song, kinda down 6. uh oh the bad relationship song I wish it was tongue-in-cheek. 9.simple, badly sung about karaoke (appropriate?) 10.finally a song about summer at a resort beach .. skipped a couple songs but you get the idea.

Track Listing
1. Move   7. Walk the Dog
2. Hips   8. Cityscape
3. Tap the Beat   9. Karaoke
4. I Got to Be My Own Way   10. Cost Del Sol
5. Hot Designers   11. Itchy Popcorn
6. Get Togetha   12. Move (Reprise)