Safety Pup/The Dead Kenny-Gs / Sunday School Breaks
Album: Sunday School Breaks   Collection:General
Artist:Safety Pup/The Dead Kenny-Gs   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Outer a Records  

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Spinning Wheel (Remix), Labi and the Escorts, Surrender, De La Orgy, Half Steppin', Station Breaks, Four for Fitness, Funky New Orleans, 45 Rpm

Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2002-07-16
This was put together by KZSU's Resident Funk nerds, The Dead Kenny-G's and The Safety Pup, for a Sunday School Special which aired originally on Feb. 17th 2002. The point was to shamelessly play as many Sampled songs and other juicy breaks sampled or not. Of course, this disc represents only a tiny, tiny fraction of all of the breaks out there, they don't even nessecarily represent the "best" or our "favorite" breaks--it's just a collection of stuff we dig. I will post commentaries about each of my tracks as I have time.

Tracks 1 - 5 were compiled by the Safety Pup
Tracks 6 - 14 were put together by the Dead Kenny-Gs, tracks 13 and 14 were not ment for the orginal show and are included as "Bonus Tracks"

Track Listing
1. Hey You Guys   8. Station Breaks
2. B-Boy Funk   9. Half Steppin'
3. Pop Musique   10. De La Orgy
4. A Break Lesson   11. Surrender
5. 45 Rpm   12. Labi and the Escorts
6. Funky New Orleans   13. Mellow Mix
7. Four for Fitness   14. Spinning Wheel (Remix)