Costello, Elvis / When I Was Cruel
Album: When I Was Cruel   Collection:General
Artist:Costello, Elvis   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Island Records  

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Album Review
Kareem Ghanem
Reviewed 2002-08-04
This is supposed to be the album that signifies Elvis’ return to his original sound. I’m not sure I agree, though. Though these songs are catchier and rock a whole lot more than his recent stuff, they don’t exactly sound like “My Aim Is True” or “This Year’s Model.” Nonetheless, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
1. A song both about 45 rpm records and the end of WWII, I think. Keyboard, electric guitar.
2. Slower, with neat background vocals and horns, synthesizers. Very catchy.
3. Electric guitar-driven tune. Pretty rock ‘n’ roll. Very infectious lyrics.
4. This sounds totally like Elvis singing a Bjork song. Weird synth effects, and vocal “oomphs” here and there.
5. One of the songs that actually sounds like the earlier material. Very fast singing over slower instrumentation.
6. Neat brass instruments and drum beats.
7. Piano, organ, bass. An angry song about a past love. This is characteristic Elvis Costello bitterness.
8. Fuzzed-out funky electric guitar and Elvis’ vocals. Sounds like a lighter Iggy Pop track. Kinda.
9. Frantic distorted guitar accompanied by harmonica. Very cool.
10. This one got on my nerves a bit. Very whiny and slow. You might like it though…
11. A continuation to number 8 that’s been toned down quite a bit.
12. Okay, this one definitely sounds like an old Stooges song. Sloppy guitars and bass; however, Elvis’ singing is much more disciplined than Iggy’s.
13. Slow guitar strumming set to Elvis’ crooning. Extremely catchy for a slow song.
14. Kinda like number 13.
15. Again, very slow.

Track Listing
1. 45   8. Dust 2..
2. Spooky Girlfriend   9. Dissolve
3. Tear Off Your Own Head   10. Alibi
4. When I Was Cruel NO.2   11. ...Dust
5. Soul for Hire   12. Daddy Can I Turn This?
6. 15 Petals   13. My Little Blue Window
7. Tart   14. Episode of Blonde
  15. Radio Silence