Extra Glenns, the / Martial Arts Weekend
Album: Martial Arts Weekend   Collection:General
Artist:Extra Glenns, the   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Absolutely Kosher Records  

Recent Airplay
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Going to Marrakesh
3. May 09, 2002: Blood Sugar
Going to Marrakesh
2. Apr 24, 2003: Unnecessary Sun Exposure
Going to Marrakesh

Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
The Extra Glenns = John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats + Franklin Bruno of Nothing Painted Blue making boy-with-guitar indie folk. The result is, unfortunately, rather less than the sum of its parts, lacking John's irresistable earnestness and Franklin's impossibly clever polysyllabic rhymes (sounds like John was the principle songwriter here, but I'm guessing). This is not to say it's bad, but mostly these songs seem like lower-energy Mountain Goats songs tarted up with extra instruments and decent production - nice but kinda unnecessary. Still worth playing.

1. slow sweet start
2. low-voiced and urgent
3. prairie-sounding evening song
4. faster headnodder w/piano
5. slow strum with harmonies and a backwoods-gospel feel
6. prime example of lily-gilding - a perfectly good Mountain Goatsy song unnecessarily complicated with backing melodica
7. Leonard Cohen cover w/supperclub slowdance piano
8. rocker with catchy guitar
9. quiet, semi-nonsensical roadtrip song
10. faster, with throwaway-sounding lyrics
11. chiming and slow and melancholy, with sweet harmonies - "I held the seashell next to my ear, but I didn't hear anything"
12. my favorite "going to" song ever - sad, funny, and clever, so great! There's a spoken intro, and couple seconds of blank space at the end, so DJ carefully.

Track Listing
1. Baltimore   7. Memories
2. All Rooms Cable A/C Free Cof   8. Going to Morocco
3. Ultra Violet   9. Going to Michigan
4. Twelve Hands High   10. Terminal Grain
5. The River Song   11. Malevolent Seascape Y
6. Somebody Else's Parking Lot   12. Going to Marrakesh