String Quartet Tribute To, the / Sarah Mclachlan
Album: Sarah Mclachlan   Collection:Deep Storage 200702
Artist:String Quartet Tribute To, the   Added:May 2002
Label:Vitamin Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2006-08-22
An excellent candidate for deep storage.
Fans of Sarah McLachlan and string quartets will both wonder what the point of this album was. Without the words or the expressive vocals that earned McLachlan her following, the melodies and harmonies seem rather barren. The close-miked, gritty sound probably won't appeal to folks who love the silken finesse and precision of a well-drilled classical quartet, either. Note also that the quartets are often nonstandard combinations, like violin/viola/cello/bass.

Track Listing
1. Possession   6. Tee
2. Sweet Surrender   7. Building a Mystery
3. Adia   8. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
4. I Love You   9. If I Only
5. Elsewhere Full of Grace   10. Let Me Know