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Album: Gwylo   Collection:General
Artist:Lot Six, the   Added:Jun 2002
Label:Espo Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-08-08
The Lot Six "Gwylo" - Pretty cool rock band from the Boston area (I think) and don't know too much about them. Generally the songs have nice rockin' guitars and male vocals. Sometimes the vocals are screamy too. There is one song on here that seems totally weird, though. Track 6 is a mexican/south-west sounding instrumental with horns and everything. I thought the songs were really interesting and creative. The songs don't sound all the same (which is nice). I really liked this a lot and would recommend it to anyone playing a rock or indie show.
My Picks: 5, 6
Katie P. 8/8/02

1) Nice midtempo tune that starts out quiet. After about a minute it starts rockin' out a little more. Nice screamy chorus.
2) More of a pop tune. A little bouncy and a faster midtempo. Nice breakdown section where it keeps repeating and builds up to a screamy finish.
3) Fuzzed out waltz. Ooo, trumpets. Nice and sweet.
4) Uptempo with a hard beat. If nothing else, this will at least make you bob your head (if not dance around). Quite cool.
5) Uptempo rock tune. Ooo, cool handclaps. This is very nice.
6) Slower midtempo with a bit of a south-western feel. Wow! Trumpet and trombone come in and turn this into a glorious instrumental that is totally different from the other songs on the album.
7) Slow and laid-back. Picks up at times and gets louder and a little angry, then back to the laid-back tune. Falls into a bunch of noise in the last minute.
8) Starts with some pounding and rumbling. Suddenly it goes into some song and then just as suddenly cuts off in mid-singing about 5 seconds later. I don't know if this is something funny with my CD player or what, but it seems to just cut off.
9) Acoustic guitar with a slow song. Pretty sad. Ends with some guitar noise at the end.

Track Listing
1. Anita De   5. I'm Into It
2. Styler-Stylee   6. Last Flight of the Spruce Go
3. Coincidence Reprise   7. The Tiny Tin
4. This Is Entertainment   8. W.A.R.
  9. Shit for Brains