Hiretsukan / Invasive//Exotic
Album: Invasive//Exotic   Collection:General
Artist:Hiretsukan   Added:Jun 2002
Label:G7 Welcoming Committee  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 24, 2007: No Messy Life
Creeping Death
4. Jul 07, 2004: Brownian Motion
Creeping Death
2. Jan 03, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Creeping Death
5. Jul 06, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Barrel Roll
3. Jul 16, 2005: Sendung Mit Der Maus
Creeping Death
6. May 04, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Barrel Roll

Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
Crazy chaotic metallic hardcore with dual female-male vox - but less formulaic than that makes it sound. There's something odd in here, an element of maybe Neurosis in the chord progressions and dynamics, and maybe a bit of DC hardcore (a la Circus Lupus rather than Fugazi) in the guitars here and there.... 7 songs in 16 minutes - you know Hiretsukan are doing something right (especially as four of those minutes are a cover of Metallica's "Creeping Death"). Great shit, anyway. The only part that sucks is that almost every song either starts a couple seconds late or ends a couple seconds early! DJ with care.

1. uneasy, an intro that never quite resolves (in a good way)
2. rad crickety noises and double bass interlude in the middle
3. fuzzy melodic guitar -> angular explosion, w/quiet breakdowns
4. bass + feedback intro -> freakout - rad lurching drumming
5. more straight-ahead, punky w/HC scream vox
6. headnodding
7. the cover - kickass

Track Listing
1. Lender of the Last   4. Sidesplitter
2. Barrel Roll   5. New Lamp Standard
3. Driver   6. Creeping Death