Death By Chocolate / Zap the World
Album: Zap the World   Collection:General
Artist:Death By Chocolate   Added:Jul 2002

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-07-12
Death By Chocolate "Zap The World" - Yes! In their second album Death By Chocolate once again combine 60's psychedelia, pop bliss, sumptuous soundscapes, and total craziness into a beautiful album. Most songs incorporate organ, several guitars, drums, and the occasional other groovy instrument (like bells or marimba). Some of these songs can be found on Jetset compilations (under other band names). Every song is fun and whimsical and not a single one disappoints. Highly recommended.
My Picks: 1, 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15
Katie P. 7/12/02

1) A groovy "commercial" for the Vox wah-wah pedal. Very cool.
2) Acapella chorus of "Zap the World" (track 14). Very short.
3) Groovy swing beat. Slow and lazy, but tons of fun. Great organ solo.
4) Spoken word about a Bentley Corniche.
5) Wow. Very cool organ and guitar lines at the beginning. Solid driving uptempo beat. Every now and then it stops and she says something that I can't quite make out. Something like "Here, my ice lolli just melted." It's quite repetitive, but in an intoxicating way. Damn!
6) Starts out with male ba-ba-bas. Nice uptempo fun pop song. Great harmonies on vocals and so very catchy!!!
7) Spoken word about a shirt.
8) Cute bouncy tune that feels a little like a video game (with the organ) and also like a kid's show. Wait, there's also some island flavor in there too. As far as I can tell is for their graphic designer (El Graphic) who does their album covers.
9) Oooo, cool groover with spoken word on top. She's listing off what seem to be items in a cupboard or something. Well, maybe just a list of things.
10) Spoken word about Bridget Riley (the painter).
11) Cool jazzy swing. Quite sexy. Nice bass line and marimba. Instrumental. Until near the end when she says "Can you hear the police cars."
12) Same music as the "a b & c" on the first album. Groovy midtempo organ. This time she goes through the alphabet with different words for each letter. Quite educational.
13) Spoken word about cinnamon graham cereal.
14) Starts as in track 2, but this time continues into a funky pop song. Great organ and cool guitars. After about 2 minutes vocals come in. Lyrics are silly about potions and magic.
15) Ooo, funky organ to start and then it goes into almost a 1930's swing. Fun pop song. Nice dance tune.
16) Straight up pop. Cute ba-ba-bas and nice guitar. Driving drums keep a nice solid beat that doesn't drag. Sort of instrumental of track 6.

Track Listing
1. Vox Wah Wah Pedal   9. Bibi Gin
2. Zap the World Chorus   10. Bridget Riley
3. Day Out   11. Artplay
4. Bently Corniche   12. A B & C Part Two
5. Cutoutgirlscout   13. Cinammon Grahams
6. While I'm Still Young   14. Zap the World
7. Lime Green Fitted Blouse   15. Swinging London
8. El Graphic   16. John Steed Swordstick