Tiny Hairs / Subtle Invisible Bodies
Album: Subtle Invisible Bodies   Collection:General
Artist:Tiny Hairs   Added:Jan 2003
Label:False Walls  

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Square Sail Growing From the

Album Reviews
Reviewed 2014-07-24
****Re-issue, your imaginary friend wrote the original review****

Tiny Hairs, Subtle Invisible Bodies. Ambient / Instrumental. Released back in 2002, this album is the first full length by Chicago based sextet Tiny Hairs. Since then, two of the members have left the band and they released a second full length in 2004. Their website hasn’t been updated since 2009, so I’m not sure what is happening with the band. Regardless, this album is about creating an audio soundscape that’s not entirely melancholic, nor sleepy, but more subdued and mellow with positive highlights. Imagine you wake up way too early on a Saturday morning and lay in bed waiting for the sun to get just a little higher in the sky before you get up to do nothing. This might be what you feel and listen to in that moment. Their songs are highly textured with layers of acoustic instruments like guitar and violin carrying the melody and then dusty brushed drums, bass, and synth filling the space beneath. RIYL: Hiroshi Yoshimura. All tracks are FCC clean. Suggested tracks, pick any, all are good. -Matthew

1.(3:34) Relaxed and a little eerie/surreal at the beginning, but lightens up. Progresses into a pretty song.
2.(6:53) Electronic crashing and samples. Slow repetitive bass a little meandering. Chill vibe. And slide electric guitar with violin.
3.(5:06) Brushed Drums and mellow guitar. Heavy bass is backbone to space. At 3/5 of the way through, it breaks up with a repetitive but disordered violin. Repairs itself a little and then finishes. Beautiful song.
4.(7:01) More of the same, heavy bass or guitar fills space and violin plays a mellow somewhat melancholy repetitive melody above the fray. Has samples of human voices and birds.
5.(5:47) Slow, sparse, textured.
6.(5:56) Much darker, a lot of it is due to the bass distortion and synth. Interesting layering of acoustic instrument.
7.(6:19) Begins with sparse percussion and mechanical sounds. Synth takes over at 3 min.
8.(17:23) Electric guitar intro. Pretty and melancholic. A little mogwai-ish. Drum rolls with snares on, layers of synth, a little rambling, but progressing. A little darker, vinyl noise, random noises.
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-02-17
Chill guit/bass/drums/violin instrumentals with treatments, from Chicago. Post rock intellectual element to these mindful improvisations. Sorta like if The Dirty Three were from Chicago. Cool stuff, well played, mellow morning music. Excellent incorporation of noise, sublte treatments.

1) ¾ swaying feel, pretty guits
2) voice samples, slow beat, noisy start turns mindful w/ violin a la Dirty Three
3) very chill brushed drums, subtle violin grows louder
4) stronger slow mechanical beat, melodic violin, noises
5) very sparse guitar mostly
6) cool noises, medium ride cymbal beat, meandering guits etc build intensity
7) sparse noise, sounds build slowly, beat develops glacially
8) slow march, mindful, pretty, minimal. Deconstructs then picks up around 7 min, super long drawn out false endings etc

Track Listing
1. Square Sail Growing From the   4. A Spider with Legs of a Bird
2. A Ghost Torn and Rolled   5. Shimmering Leaf
3. Feldspar Spurs   6. Berm Carcasses of Bees
  7. Extensive and Well Cataloged