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Artist:Sigur Ros   Added:Feb 2003
Label:Atlantic Records (Modern)  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-04-11
Subdued, spacey, post-rock. The music is made up of high pitched male vocals, and elegantly composed synthesizer, guitar, strings and drums. Whether the vocals are in English, Icelandic or some made up language is irrelevant. (You can go to their web site and vote for what you think they are saying. The most popular will become the official lyrics. ) They are repetitive and create a nice contrast to the beautiful and slow instrumental. As in the title, the tracks are also untitled. Although I hear if you search fan websites long enough you can find the names. For me this album gets boring. I think it could have been better if they varied the style a bit more or increased the energy of the songs more often. (Aquarius describes SR’s sound as “godspeed-for-yuppies”) That isn’t to say that there aren’t some good tracks. The album is separated in two by a 30 second pause between track 4 and track 5.

1 Melancholy and slow. Piano, eerie high pitched sounds, strings and slow vocals. Comes to a high point about 7/8 of the way through the song. (6:38)
2 Also slow. This one has guitar, high pitched cooing sounds and vocals. (7:33)
3 Piano and strings set the tone of this track. No vocals. This could work as a soundbed. (6:33)
4 Guitar and deep drums quicken the pace a little. Xylophone melodies lighten up the music at parts. (7:32)
(30 second pause separate track 4 and track 5)
5 slow start to the second act. Keyboards, drums and droning vocals. (9:57)
6 A darker more droning song. Deep drum beat, droning guitar, more vocals. (8:48)
7 Starts off really slow. The song has more emotional highs than the others. (12:59)
8 Faster paced. Builds up slowly to a good rocking ending. (11:45)

Track Listing
1. Untitled 1   5. Untitled 5
2. Untitled 2   6. Untitled 6
3. Untitled 3   7. Untitled 7
4. Untitled 4   8. Untitled 8