Jr Ewing / Ride Paranoia
Album: Ride Paranoia   Collection:General
Artist:Jr Ewing   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Gold Standard Laboratorie  

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3. Aug 07, 2003: Off the Path
Naked Pavements
2. Jan 09, 2005: the ox and hammer show
...Ride Paranoia

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-08-13
Noisy, yet melodic punk-rock from Norway. Musically a bit like Refused by way of a few bands that are more “rock” than “emo” (oh...like Envy or something like that). Sounds mostly good & fairly catchy, too. The one downfall is that 13 songs of this is really just too much.
((1.)) Guitar plugs into amp and their off! Strummy, screamy (thought not really ‘scream-oh’) punk rock with some great strummy parts.
2) Loud & very rythmic plus some very throat-shredding vocals.
3) Fugazi by way of Refused minus the politics? Yeah something like that. Pretty cool on paper but not as good in practice.
((4)) A slightly mellow set of repeating guitar strums, more straight ahead than spastic rock. Wow-this one sounds more like some killer early 90’s Midwestern indie rock ‘ala Arcwelder, Milk, Tar, et. al. Very well done.
5) Fast & super-strummy - mix the bands Refused & Lack and you might get this. Very wall of guitars sound, quite nice. Vocal breakdowns totally sound like Dennis Lyxen of Refused via their “Spirit of ‘68” refrains on “The Shape of Punk to Come”.
((6)) If this riff had a shit load of distortion on it I swear it was off of Smeltallica’s “Ride the Lightning”. (Well it is distorted but these kids tune super-high rather than the metal standard of super-low) Anyway, more crazy, wild ass uppity tempos with quick stop-starts. FCC “fuck”
7.) Fluctuating tempos, see-sawing guitar parts, melodic chorus
8.) Tape squealing, melodic strummy intro then charging super-energetic freakazoid punk tempo that “all the kids” just love to dance to these days.
9.) More up-tempo screamy Refused (sans the brilliant situationalism ethics) style noodling & rockin’.
10.) More indie-rock sounding with many a start-stop tempo.
((11.)) Drum heavy then spazzes out to a mid-tempo yet fun style.
12.) Slow, strummy & then super-loud on the bass-end then fades away into...
((13.)) Straight ahead, screamy Fugazi crossed with Refused action again.
Oh...and yes, stupid-ass American tv shows like “Dallas” are on the air all the fucking time in Norway. (And Sweden, too) - hence the name.
"Some guy asked in France asked if we knew some of the guys in the black metal bands...we said - yeah - they were at are last show!" - some dude from JR Ewing in MRR (sarcastically) showing why there's more to Norwegian music than just BM.

Track Listing
1. Repitition Is Failure   7. Laughing with Daggers
2. When Your Gone   8. Sweet
3. Midnight Episode   9. Electric Yesterday
4. Naked Pavements   10. The Exact Same Thing
5. Pre Summertime Blues   11. 4:00 Am
6. A Case of Evacuation   12. An Introduction To...
  13. ...Ride Paranoia