Zero Tolerance Task Force / Punk Rockery
Album: Punk Rockery   Collection:General
Artist:Zero Tolerance Task Force   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Purple Hero Distributors  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-04-16
Exceedingly irreverent punk rock, witty, scathing, some of the best I’ve ever heard. The brilliance of the DKs, the vocal delivery and irreverence of the The Mentors, the bad attitude of GG Allen or the Meatmen. This is a great example of the type of weirdo’s that Tucson produces. Actually this band is founded by a former member of the seminal early 80’s Lansing band Crucifucks. Like the Crucifucks, this band doesn’t mince words, is silly as hell and has fun telling it like it is. The best thing about Crucifucks and this band is that they wernt/aren’t afraid to piss everyone off, including the punks. No concern for production here or even guitar tuning. Beautiful stuff, lots of anti-cop, anti-war against drugs, anti-war, anti-pop punk, anti consumerism, anti hypocrite, anti-police brutality themes. Unfortunately there is a lot of potty mouth in here, but this is a great example of a cd worth editing out FCCs (lyrics enclosed for tracks 1-21). Great stuff!!!

FCC Summary: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 22, 27, 28

1) swingy peppy ditty “the only good cops are dead cops”
2) FCC at end, slow fast
3) FCCs upbeat
4) excellent commentary on American racism in the middle east, uses the word “sand nigger” over and over so its pretty dicey FCC-wise, plus theres a “dumb shits”, so careful there big fella
5) upbeat
6) FCC one blatant “shit” but otherwise an excellent anti police brutality song
7) nope sorry, bad FCCs in chorus
8) classic slow dirge about Berkowitz/Son of Sam “when your dog tells you you should get a knife you should ignore it” (!)
9) oh god, a poke at the partridge family song, “I think I love me”, about masturbation
10) slow dirge intro, tasteless anti children, pro-abortion song, one FCC “shit”
11) thrashy, silly, about spitting in faces
12) upbeat punk
13) FCCs lewd
14) lewd content but probably okay, slower grungier
15) FCCs bad
16) anti pop-punk song, FCCs
17) wow, a song about someone into EST, wow, about fascist hypocrite activist types
18) jeeze, silly poke at “Que Sera Sera” (“que sirhan sirhan”)
19) excellent song about terrorism, but laced with four FCCs, definitely worth editing out the FCCs
20) brutal anti USA imperialism, death of the constitution, righteous
21) anti-war against drugs, beautiful
22) FCCs bad
23) my lucky day, silly but serious
24) commentary on relationships
25) bad election “choices”
26) anti-consumerism, materialism
27) FCCs
28) “the punk revolution never happened”, FCCs not too blatant

Track Listing
1. Dead Cops   15. At Least I'm not You
2. Coward Boy   16. I Hate Pop Punk
3. I Hate My Life & I Want to D   17. She Was
4. Jesus Was a Sand Nigger   18. Que Sera
5. Chuckie Die   19. I Wanna Be a Terrorist
6. Home By Io   20. Patriots to a Dead Nation
7. Noise   21. Buy American
8. Son Of Sam I Am   22. Corporate Scum
9. I Think I Love Me   23. Lucky Day
10. Family Portrait   24. My Girlfriend Thinks She's
11. The Day the Loogies Fall Lik   25. Choose
12. Speeding in a Residential Ar   26. Slave of Modern Convenience
13. Fuzzy Logic   27. Paranoid
14. Good Christian   28. Punk Revolution