Mc Honkey / I Am the Messiah
Album: I Am the Messiah   Collection:General
Artist:Mc Honkey   Added:Apr 2003

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-04-16
Exquisite funky soulful sample remix compositions. Kinda Beckish, but far more mature. This is the story of a guy who worked his way up in the industry starting by literally mopping floors at a major record company in the 50’s. He eventually became an engineer in the early 70’s, worked with Sinatra et al, but became disillusioned and jaded and blew it all off. Turns out his daughter snagged his living room hobbyist creations and turned them on to the guy in the Eels who insisted on releasing them. And that’s the story. So you have MC Honky, never intended for public consumption but here anyway, the result of some older feller’s living room creativity, proving that the experience that comes with age can easily trump the sheer spirit of youth, sometimes. But only sometimes, on rare occasions (most old people should go away admittedly). In this case its like he took all the best stuff from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, triple distilled them, ran them on an HPLC to further find the best fractions, combined them with spices, strained them through cheese cloth and then only gave it to his best friends. Just hope it doesn’t make you go blind or cut your ear off. Great stuff.

addendum 5-5-03: its been brought to my attention that the above story about MC Honkey is likely a hoax, purveyed by early promo, including a cd-r "interview" with MC Honky conducted by David Cross (this is indeed just an Eels side project). Okay, it was a good one and I have no shame in falling for it. Maybe the story was so good that I simply craved to believe it (see my above notes). Something about faith and hope. If some people can believe in Jesus Christ and God I can believe that MC Honky is an attention-phobic old guy in his Silverlake basement.

-bill c.

1) screwed up start, kicks into funky 70’s upbeat soul feel
2) slower sexy feel
3) self help exploitation over upbeat electro, near jungle, with cool 60’s flute flare, go go boots
4) hilarious self affirmation, slow sexy, cross between Barry White and Stuart Smally’s Daily Affirmation
5) upbeat funky electro feel
6) more
7) 78rpm soundtrack sample
8) funky near hip hop feel, cool organ
9) super cool 60’s Motown bent gone wild and out of control, yah-yeah!
10) two FCCs, an ode to zoloft, if you edit out the FCCs you have one of the most bizarre pieces, he used a telephone message left by a young woman he was having an affair with, who relates a recurring dream she has about her giving birth to his “child”, a talking dog with human teeth… uh huh
11) upbeat 60’s pop feel, fun and cute and twisted
12) FCC, fuck, great rock beat, scratching freestyle rap spoof almost, super cool, check it out
13) mellow dramatic soundtrackish
14) more “self help” rock, a stripped down version of track 3

Track Listing
1. Sonnet No. 3 (Like a Duck   7. Only a Rose Pt. 1
2. Hung Up   8. My Bad Seed
3. The Object   9. The Devil Went Down to Silve
4. A Good Day to Be You   10. Soft Velvety 'fer
5. Baby Elephant Rock-A-Bye   11. The Baby that Ws You
6. What a Bringdown   12. 3 Turntables and 2 Microphon
  13. Only a Rose Pt.Ii