Anaal Nathrakh / Total Fucking Necro
Album: Total Fucking Necro   Collection:General
Artist:Anaal Nathrakh   Added:May 2003
Label:Rage of Achilles  

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Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-05-19
Anaal Nathrakh – Total Fucking Necro (Rage of Achilles)
I like this shit. See, when I first picked it up, I thought it was a joke, an obvious attempt to mock and ridicule the black metal scene and point out the absurd little things black metallers do when they take their vision, or idea of such vision, to the extreme. Instead, these guys are for real; they are the dudes I thought they were mocking. Ha! How cool. So, in keeping with their blackness, troo-ness, evilness, what have you, they don’t include liner notes; the inside of the booklet is just black. They say they will probably never publish their lyrics. They don’t play live shows. They don’t give very many interviews. They say things like “The world will become the blackened ball of shit it truly is! FUCK EVERYTHING!” Their official mission is to “be the soundtrack for Armageddon, the audial [sic] essence of evil, hatred, and violence, the true spirit of necro, taken to its musical extremes”. OK, so they’re fucking nutcases ‘cause they sound like they mean it, but the music is fucking brutal. Poorly produced/mixed, all done on an 8-track, it comes across with so much raw power and passion and energy, one just can’t ignore it. As far as black metal is concerned, this is some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard, ever. This is awesome, instant-classic material. The drums are excellent, relentless, and accurate. The guitar work is technical, speedy, melodic, and yet brutal. The bass has this buzzzzzz that is gonna make my eardrums crack. The vocals are rasped, screamed, growled, hissed, and they sound evil. The only thing that makes me take points off is the recording quality. To put it simply, it sucks. I can’t listen to this CD more than once or twice per day because it just hurts my ears so much. But it’s so brutal and unforgiving that I will overlook that fact and rate this one as add-worthy.

Recommended Tracks:
Tracks 1-4 are from their first demo, tracks 5-9 are from their second demo, and track 10 is a bonus, unreleased song. There isn’t any noticeable drop in sound quality from one session to the other. However, track 5 has this part at the –1:09 mark where you can hear the tape getting messed up, it sounds hilarious. All the tracks sound awesome. They all have the same mood to them, same brutality, same total necro feel. Play anything, except for the following:
FCCs:::: 4 (sample during the last 10 seconds), I also can’t tell if there are any other FCC violators in here, since I can’t tell what the fuck he’s saying, but if you hear something, please make a note of it here :::FCCs

Track Listing
1. Anaal Nathrakh   6. Satanarchrist
2. Necrodeath   7. L.E.T.H.A.L : Diabolic
3. Ice Blasting Storm Winds   8. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
4. Carnage (Mayhem Cover)   9. The Technogoat
5. The Supreme Necrotic Audnanc   10. Necrogeddon