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Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2003
Label:Shut Eye Records  

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Album Review
Mandy Khoshnevisan
Reviewed 2003-09-25
Buzzlighter [COLL], The Dance of the Metropolitan Muse
For some reason I expected dancy techno, but this is definitely a pop/alternative/rock collection. The first three tracks are slow alternative/country sounding; then the album becomes more generally alternative/rock. Hard to review since the songs seem so different from each other—there’s some really fun stuff, and I’ve starred the ones I like, but by all means play the others if you like them.

*1. (3:37) slow and melodramatic; starts with Morse code, then vibrating organ and piano and accordion, violin, and earnest male vocals
*2. (4:09) enthusiastic midtempo, drunk country sound; somewhat dissonant and hazy twangy guitars, and thumping percussion and male voices w/ distant female harmony.
*3. (3:42) driven downtempo, acoustic guitars and cello and british-tinged wistful male vocals
4. (3:09) driving uptempo surfy, buzzy guitars and vocals
5. (4:21) loud midtempo strummy buzzy electric guitars; “alternative,” a nice sound
6. (1:57) loud, aggressive more “classic rock” sound
*7. (4:11) chugging midtempo; almost countryish rock sound; nice harmonies in the chorus
8. (3:49) a fast, determined walk; driving percussion, dramatic male vocals
*9. (3:27) harmonica and contented acoustic strumming with bass and piano; caustic, sarcastic male vocals
*10. (4:22) instrumental; simple, retro somehow nice and lonely synth/techno melody, with traditional instruments in background. I like it.
11. (2:57) strutting brassy electric guitar sound; kind of slow-angry-confused
*12.(3:56) countryish, folky, vaguely doo-wop waltz tempo, acoustic instruments, plaintive vocals with pretty, complex harmonies!
13. (2:56) enthusiastic rock and roll; yelling vocals and feel-good harmony chorus
14. (3:53) reminds me of the movie Empire Records. That early 90s feelgood alternative sound. Loud guitars, happily goofy chorus: “you make me go—Cuckoo!” so silly I have to like it!
15. (3:24) loud head-bouncing electric guitars with cheerfully strummy acoustics, intricate lyrics
16. (3:36) bell-like electric guitars, lots of cowbell, alternative/rock
17. (3:51) traveling rock, with spacy guitar sounds and long confident chords
18. (3:28) muted midtempo; dark burbling spacy bass noises, out of tune vocal harmonies; eventually, dark buzzy guitar
19. (1:54) sounds almost like weird al’s voice! Beastie boys-style spoken vocals, pleading for optimism, over strummy acoustic guitars and bass and easy beat.
20. (3:33) Latin-y percussion and bass and funky acoustic guitar, easygoing nasal vocals
21. (2:47) slow swingy and countryish, vibrating slow surfy guitars
22. (3:43) buzzy narrated story over saucy buzzy guitar; kind of strident. Structured to simulate a carnival ride, suggested by the song’s subject and title.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Gustav Bertha My Mind Is a Tyrant
2. Andy Browne Trio A Plac Ein the Sun
3. Mat Pond Pa Athabasca
4. Midnight Oil Mosquito March
5. Pacific, the See to Believe
6. D4, the Get Loose
7. Soundtrack Mind Its Just Right
8. Cousins, Hillary If I Let You Down
9. Berwock, Pete Im Only Bleeding
10. Weissman, Jeremy Upemporary Sterep
11. Lebrun, Scott Syd Barrett
12. Rooke Your Way Mine
13. Complete Circle Close Enough
14. Aisle-Nine Are You My Girl
15. Hemingway The Calm
16. Seconds Before Maplight
17. Big Jack Pneumatic Kerosine
18. Hoeck Clutter
19. 300 Pounds Got Nothing
20. Gold, Evan Breakfast in Bed
21. Dag King Maybe
22. Sofa King Carnival Love