Various Artists / Amoeba Music Vol 4
Album: Amoeba Music Vol 4   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2003
Label:Hip Hop Slam  

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Sorry Wrong #

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-06-26
Local variety-pack (though "local" now includes L.A. since Amoeba opened in Hollywood). Mixed bag of styles but generally high level of quality. Many of the bands have members with day jobs at Amoeba. FCC indecency/obscenity issues: CD1: tracks 2, 8, 9, 10, 16 CD2: tracks 7, 10

1. Dyspeptic industrial rhythms and sour guitar shards; good; the owner plays in this band so it has to be the lead track, right?
2. Underground hip-hop; sparse beats and climax of a bunch of intense fellows shouting "gotta get a bus to the house of God!"
3. Drawling cowboy blues
4. Cool funk and tweaky electronics and scratching
5. Jazz-sample based funk
6. Lo-fi, low rent funk and mumbling
7. "Art-hop"? Scratch-sample-riff
8. Silly rap
9. Lif brings the antidote to silly rap, with a serious-as-nuclear-war rap
10. Yeah, bring the funky bass and the smooth flow
11. Blippy electro-pop you could make too
12. Swoopy synths and professional vocals mark this alterna-pop effort
13. Pretty acoustic guitar solo tune - melodic, mellow, yummy
14. Down home-y rap, singing/reciting about the virtues of the Arkansas red dirt; very compelling and heartfelt
15. Squeaky, windy, spinning soundscape
16. Unremarkable hip-hop
17. Hip-hop breaks and folk-y guitar, with a bit of goth ooohh-ahhhhhhh vox tossed in
18. Sub-cacophonous drone
CD2 tracks reviewed inside

1. Plain good fresh pop
2. Innocent, clear-voiced, good-natured pop
3. Despite the stupid song title and the stated objective of "destroy[ing] all music", this is actually a pleasant if unexceptional, mellow rock instrumental - maybe Appliance-like
4. Keening teen rock - as featured on Dawson's Creek (well, maybe another song of theirs); vocals a dead ringer for Rose of the Heartthrobs
5. Acoustic ska is the pigeonhole; empty but sweet calories
6. 60s-sophisticate sample-jazz
7. Conscious feminist hip-hop, brilliant follow-up to Sarah Jones' magnum opus, but too many nasty words for pre-10 pm airing; check out the human beat box too!
8. Joyously explosive pop-rock
9. Three-chords adequately power this rant against a selfish person
10. Messy lo-fi acoustic punk
11. Smart surf-pop with clever, lefty lyrics
12. Acoustic blues with a bit of snotty attitude
13. One-man band plays and sings a folksy ditty
14. Earnest folk music
15. SF's version of Yo La Tengo; off-kilter mello-pop with a touch of Farfisa
16. Childlike vocals singing suggestive lyrics over silly samples
17. Spacey folk or folksy space music
18. Swoosh and bass trance music; chill
19. One-man band playing black metal; true!
20. Headbangers finally have their say; metal with a groove; too bad about the bogus vocals
21. Ambient drone with the occasional muffled thrash; ho-hum

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. O-Type Goiter
2. Da Babylonianz Keep It Raw
3. Winfred E. Eye The Dirt Tier
4. Dawgsight Vs Dj Stoic Hangover
5. Balanceman Soup or Spy
6. Healamonster and Tarsier Munster Cheese
7. 4AM Sorry Wrong #
8. Forest Fires Collective Ask Who to Ask
9. Mr. Lif Earthcrusher
10. Equipto Rap Attack
11. Textura Rainletts
12. Loquat To the Floor
13. Keala C Ramos E Kaha'oe
14. Tim'm Red Dirt
15. Quiet American Callisthentic
16. Quangou Ninja Talk
17. Heather Porcaro Space Monkey
18. Davenport, Bart Miami Afternoon
19. Shaft, the One Time I Drank My
20. Julie Plug Blue Sky Propellor
21. Hebro Looking for Joe
22. Unagi Beats Invisible French Man
23. Aya De Leon Sheepskin
24. Fabulous Disaster Next Big Joyride
25. Deadly Weapons Your So Selfish
26. Trainables, the Bored Sick
27. Meek, the The System
28. Goodbye Everybody Dont Wait
29. Feller Quentin Rose
30. Ranow, Tim Sometimes I Do
31. Ebb and Flow California Condor
32. Lil Miss Ju Ju S&M Blvd
33. Thermos Wood Paneling
34. Seon, Marc The Fall
35. Crebain I Live to Kill
36. Bill Skins Fifth Generation Imitation
37. Petit Mal Comp Squad Obliterate