Kickass, the / Death Metal Is for Pussies
Album: Death Metal Is for Pussies   Collection:General
Artist:Kickass, the   Added:Jul 2003
Label:Bifocal Media  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-07-30
OK, this title & the photos took a couple of dudes with some serious nads to create. I just wonder what the fuck’s gonna happen to them when they play in Florida. Don’t let Glen Benton know about this boys! Whilst this has potential in the title, the photos, et. al. and it was compared to the instru-METAL kings - The Fucking Champs - this isn’t quite at their level of immortality. (But few are!). This is proggy, metalish & yeah, ok *cough* ‘math rock’. It’s all instrumental and riff heavy - and never falls in that pile of wank called “shred” (aka; pointless wankers like Jason Becker, Satriani, Yngwie, Macalpine, et. al.) and not too much into that realm of utter boredom that the last 3-4 Don Cabellero releases created. Anyway, it’s a mix of let’s say: The Fucking Champs, King Crimson, Jeff Berlin’s more heavy-fusion work of the late 80’s, Rodan, instrumental parts of early Rush, Djam Karet and so on...1) Weird spoken parts recorded backwards & extremely remincent of Iron Maiden’s intro to “Still Life” (if you don’t know this reference then obviously - you’re a fucking ‘irony metal’ poser!). ((2)) Very loud guitars!!! Then a major riff fest ‘ala Thee Fuckin’ Champs (and NO they do NOT trump said bands intensity!). Some riffs are just stuck in a weird repetitive pattern and they don’t seem to move in & out of it all that well. Otherwise this is a good slice of instru-metal via heavy prog ‘ala the Crimson-like sax towards the end. 3) Water, then typical indie/jazzy strummy leading into a more prog-oid direction the volume goes up in the 2+ minute mark sounding like some long-lost Steve Vai outtake last one doesn’t have the works ‘my guitar is merely my cock’ in it’s all-too obvious subtext.
4.) Plucky (or something like that) metalic/fusion/prog-action with a slight nod to early Rush & maybe some Shellac type of workout later it gets more varied with more oddball jammin’ parts. OK, they do wank kinda heavily after about 4 minutes or so. 5.) More bass-heavy prog pieces plus some scatter-shot guitars, more of that weird backwards messages (most likely meaning nothing at all, in case you’re reading Tipper). 6.) Wasn’t this the 2nd track already? That plus a slight nod at actual death metal (I guess they’re “too pussy” to actually play that stuff? ha-ha!) but mostly
fusion-prog boogie noodling. 7.) & ((8)) Very fusion-laden with some sort of heavy riffing occasionally nodding towards actual heavy metal (‘Maiden, Priest & Megadeth). 9.) Loud, fusiony, slight boogie, choppy tempos with some more wank (which is actually bearable!). 10) Very proggy, very long, noodly, slinky bass & guitars then gets a tad more riffy.

Track Listing
1. Intro   6. Never Let You Down
2. Strongest Dead Man Alive   7. Living Color
3. So... You Want to Have a Led   8. Otherwise Just Another Retai
4. Losing Streak at 10:45PM   9. Catch on 11
5. Up Stares Down Stairs   10. Cadillac of Doom