Rapider than Horsepower / Stage Fright, Stage Fright...
Album: Stage Fright, Stage Fright...   Collection:General
Artist:Rapider than Horsepower   Added:Jul 2003

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I Have Never Played the Monk
4. Sep 28, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar Show
Are You As Come?
2. Nov 23, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar Show
I Blame It on the System
5. Sep 07, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar SHow
I Have Never Played the Monk
3. Oct 05, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar Show
Rock Against Mapquest
6. Aug 19, 2004: Hello Kitten
Rock Against Mapquest

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-07-22
Demented, busy, lyric-heavy, bouncy rock explorations. Mid-tempo. Male vocals with some female backing vocals. Two guitars, drums, and voice. No bass. Voice a bit like a manic Gary Numan, Jello Biafra, or David Thomas (Pere Ubu) here and there. Reminiscent of Royal Trux and early Pere Ubu in its dada-pop feel. The messiness is challenging but might grow on you. I like it a lot. Check times -- many songs are quite short. Start with 2, 5, 9--but 9 is the most likely to fit into a set of less insane music.

1. Starts with cheer. Funky! And demented. And no bass. Ends with cheers and applause.
==> 2. Demented and bouncy ballad. “As long as Mr. Caterpillar doesn’t mind, I think I’d like to have a date with you.” Music ends, then a bit of backwards talking. short: 01:19.
3. Call and response strangeness. Gets sleepy and slower... sort of disintegrates.
4. Starts with strings. Insistent and percussive. Ends with several seconds of OTT applause and whooping.
==> 5. Starts with lone cymbal crash, then sparse guitar and drums. A bit slower and sparser, with soto voce vocals... and a bit more Pere Ubu-like. Then “normal” vocals (less manic than on other songs here). Ends with snoring and plinking, then just snoring.
6. No intro -- goes straight into verse. A wacky take on storybook rock (like Stackridge). Then false ending, then it gets really weird. Supergrass on very bad drugs? Ends with whooping and cheering.
7. A snare hit, then guitars, then insane “yee-haw”s! and more demented vox. Ends with weird jock cheer.
8. Starts sort of mariachi-like, then gets fast and aggressive... and more “yee-haw”s! Ends with fading guitar chord and cheers.
==> 9. Starts with plinky twin guitars, then gets loud, sort of anthemic and grunge-like (with clown vocals, of course) and also Allman Bros like. Whatever. Ends pretty abruptly on “bad day!”
10. Snare roll, then mid-tempo, new wave/bouncy feel. With clown vocals. Mentions Jackie Kennedy. Changes feel, getting creepier than most of the songs here. Ends abruptly.
11. Starts with strings, then very quiet solo guitar and stream of consciousness, bizarre, spoken vox. After spoken vocals, gets loungey and poignant and weird. Music ends by getting softer and slower. Then there’s “Give me an ‘R’!” and they eventually spell the entire name. Ha Ha.

Track Listing
1. Feed that Ego! Watch It Grow   7. Ditties
2. Rock Against Mapquest   8. Free the Human Race
3. No Boat no Burn   9. Saddle Up!
4. Are You As Come?   10. Hey Fancy Pants
5. I Have Never Played the Monk   11. I Blame It on the System
6. My Baby's Boogie Is the Badd   12. Lick Me on the Face, It Feel