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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-07-20
All of these songs make use of copyrighted material in their compositions. Many of these them have been made “unavailable” because the artists were sued for copyright infringement. Other artists with songs on this comp haven’t been sued, but they might be in the future. These songs range from hip-hop, sample art, pop, turntablism, etc. The liner notes are much more informative than me… read them. There are some excellent cuts here, some of which must be pretty hard to find elsewhere. Given away at the illegal art shows. MP3’s are at:

1) **FCC** Negativeland: Casey Kasem outtake leads into a remix of a U2 song.
2) Biz Markie lost the first sample lawsuit in hip hop and changed the way hip hop is made. Nice song, slowly flowing production.
3) People Like Us: Sample of a woman singing, accordion, keyboards and a chorus of voices. ((4)) Culturcide: We Are the World rerecorded with new off key lyrics. A strong criticism of the music industry, musicians and the media. Great.
5) ECC: Rocked By Rape. Dan Rathers clips.
6) Beastie Boys. “Rock Hard” Contains a AC/DC clip, so the band won’t allow the Beastie Boys to re-release this song.
((7)) Dummy Run. A piece about sampling made by piecing together samples.
8) John Oswald. A piece made from lots of James Brown samples.
((9)) Corporal Blossom I’m dreaming of a white christmas all mixed up. cool.
10) Tape-beatles. All samples. No instruments. 11) **FCC** Public Enemy Never released track uses a beatles sample. PE’s label couldn’t afford the clearance fee.
12) The Verve Uses a string arrangement from “The Last Time” from the Rolling Stones. The Verve had to turn over all royalties to the Stone’s publisher.
13) Wobbly. Uses lots of uncleared samples. Country theme, includes several Johnny Cash samples.
14) De La Soul. Were court ordered to pay 1.7 million for the use of a Turtle’s sample.
((15)) Buchanan and Goodman Made in 1956, “The Flying Saucer” was the first use of sampling. Snipets of songs interspersed with a couple of news guys talking about an alien invasion. ((16)) The JAMs Messed up Abba song with some rapping on top.
17) Elastica Wire accused this band of using a guitar riff from one of their songs.
((18)) Steinski and Mass Media Previously a white label release, a sample based recreation of the Kennedy assassination. Wow.
19) Invisibl Skratch Piklz turntablism incorporating lots of other people’s music. ((20)) Xper.Xr Wu-Chu-tung sings over EMF’s hit song, Unbelievable.
21) Happy Birthday. Owned by AOL Time Warner, so it must be cleared every time it is sung in public. Damn, copyright laws are so f**ed up.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Negativeland U2: Special Edit Radio Mix
2. Biz Markie Alone Again
3. People Like Us Swinglargo
4. Culturcide They Aren't the World
5. Evolution Control Committe, th Rocked By Rape
6. Beastie Boys Rock Hard
7. Dummy Run F.D.
8. John Oswald Black
9. Corporal Blossom White Christmas
10. Tape-Beatles Reality of Matter
11. Public Enemy Psycho of Greed
12. Verve, the Bittersweet Symphony
13. Wobbly Clawing Your Eyes Out Down..
14. De La Soul Transmitting Live From Mars
15. Buchanan and Goodman The Flying Saucer
16. Jams, the The Queen and I
17. Elastica Connection
18. Steinski and Mass Media The Motorcade Sped on
19. Invisibl Skratch Piklz White Label Edit
20. Xper.Xr Wu-Chu-Tung
21. Bischoff, Boone Happy Birthday to You