Ensemble David / Coptic Liturgies
Album: Coptic Liturgies   Collection:World
Artist:Ensemble David   Added:Aug 2003
Label:Institut Du Monde Arabe & Harmonia Mundi  
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Amen Ton Thananton
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Abo Oro
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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-02-09
Contemplative, spiritual music from an ancient Christian sect in Egypt (the “Copts”). There is not a lot of action here and the pieces are not very theatrical, but the music is relaxing and deeply meditative. Traditional chanting and cantillation are accompanied with minimal instrumentation; the chants themselves often sound like they’re emanating from a Middle Eastern mosque. Interesting to note how a minority community (i.e. the Copts) absorbed the traditional sounds of the region into their service, while retaining a distinct religious identity.

Track 1, Hiten Ni: Male choir, chanting. No instrumentation.

Track 2, Amen Ton Thananton: Male + female choir, no instrumentation. The liner notes describe this as a proclamation in Greek, sung to Egyptian music.

Track 3, Hos Erof: Clanker of bells and cymbals, Interleaved solo male vox and choir.

Track 4, Abo Oro: Similar to #3. About 10 mins long.

Track 5, Agios: Similar to #s3 and 4. Resonant, wailing male singer leads a predominantly male choir.

Track 6, O Nim Nai: Solo male vox. Brief choir interludes at 1:30, 2:40, 3:30. No instrumentation.

Track 7, Le Golgotha: Choir. “Slow, graceful processional chant” (liner notes). No instrumentation.

Track 8, Aripsalin: Clanker of bells and cymbals, male + female choir.

Track 9, E Agapi: Solo male vox till 2:30, then choir joins in. No instruments

Track 10, Ti epistoli: Solo male vox (wailing/chanting). No choir/instruments.

Track 11, Chenouda: Similar to #10.

Track 12, Ti epistoli: Similar to #s 10,11. Track goes silent after 4:44(??).

Track Listing
1. Hiten Ni   7. Le Golgotha
2. Amen Ton Thananton   8. Aripsalin
3. Hos Erof   9. E Agapi
4. Abo Oro   10. Ti Epistoli
5. Agios   11. Chenouda
6. O Nim Nai   12. Ton Sina