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Album Review
pat blue ribbon
Reviewed 2003-09-30 
Only in America --Volume II
Excellent album of novelty songs from the 60s and 70s -- some song-poems, some weird novelty, some outsider music, some just unbelievably weird. Topics covered include drugs, blood illnesses, tv, insects, cheese, funeral homes and stinky poodles. Each track is a slice of weird beauty but track 23 about being a NARC was a fave. Track 7 is also quite unbelieveable-- the Chicago '68 Democratic Convention riots as told from the perspective of a cop, done to a jazzy swing beat -- humor as dark as a moonless night.

1. goofy off-key country song about the South, plus out-of-tune slide guitar
2. Shaggs-esque warbling about a stinky poodle
3. Army-marching drums + weird female anti-war rap -- dead parents, crazy strings of words, sad, sad
4. Woody Guthrie's daughter (really!) singing Brian Wilson-esque pop ballad about blood illness and death
5. Much weirder than Revolution #9. Backwards music plus bad bad singing. horribly great!
6. olde-time naselly voice singing over jazz, talking to his hat, non-sensical lyrics about baseball, war, perseverence
7. Cop's version of the '68 Demo convention riots in Chicago to a swing beat
8. Old man telling a story about the evils of drugs with psych music
9. Short goofy commercial spot about a McDonalds Funeral Home.
10. More reefer madness! -- funky Latin beat + hippy singing about death from LSD
11. Slurry sniffy dopey voice -- sad sad love song + piano -- ends with crying
12. goofy song-poem about a bug -- loungy pop -- fun!
13. same country singer as track one -- has been called the country-western Shaggs
14. hilarious audio skit -- bus rider talks about his love of cheese
15. rockin beat + lots o' laughter
16.similar to Langley Schools Music Project -- singing about a lightning bug + psychedelic guitar
17. Little Deuce Coupe by Langley Schools Music Project
18. politically uncorrect song --"Heap Lil Injun" -- sung by a cute kid
19. goofy song about a robot fighting evil Chinese villains and mobsters
20. spooky song about a spider and fly -- features hilarious chipmunk-on-helium voice
21. how-to-dance song -- with backwards music samples and great voice samples!
22. musical re-creaton of an acid trip by Sacramento City College Stage Band
23. song about being a NARC -- I almost peed my pants laughing at this.
24. krazy hippie version of Jimi's "Purple Haze"
25. high school kids playing bad version of "Wipeout"
26. short yelping song about gut pain + bongos
27. composition entirely of bird sounds -- starts with explanation
28. Man/wife skit then ode to the wonderful TV. great!
29. bad imitation of Hendrix's star spangled banner

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.O'leary, James "Rebel"Rebel Star
2.Tricoli, TangelaStinky Poodle
3.MiriamIn 1967
4.Guthrie, NoraEmily's Illness
5.Mrs Singers, theI'm Just the Other Woman
6.Arpaia, William HowardListen, Mr.Hat
7.Burgess, HarryChicago Policeman
8.Phillips, PhilThe Evil Dope
9.?Mcdonalds Funeral Home
10.Coleman, EarlHippy Heaven
11.Bailey, RogerDid She Break Your Heart
12.Keith, RoddThe Green Bug
13.O'leary, James "Rebel"South Bound 81
14.Buddy MaxCheese Eating Flea Market Cy
15.World (We Wish), theLaughter Part 1
16.Electric Lollipop, theLightning Bug
17.Langley Schools Music Proj, thLittle Deuce Coupe
18.Kaiser, MelvinHeap 'lil Injun
19.UgeMad Charles
20.MonoclesThe Spider and the Fly
21.Berrington, Lou & the AfricanThe Kwella Stroll
22.Sacramento City College StageLsd '67
23.Leonard, GeorgieErnie the Narc
24.Lost DimensionPurple Haze
25.Lucky CharmsWipe Out
26.Savage, Ed "Moose"Gue
27.Fassett, JimSymphony of BIRDS/2ND Moveme
28.Wescott, DonShimmering Glimmering Tube
29.Decibels, theStar Spangled Banner