Crow, Rob / My Room Is a Mess
Album: My Room Is a Mess   Collection:General
Artist:Crow, Rob   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Absolutely Kosher Records  

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A Subtle Kiss
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Over the Summer

Album Review
Eric K!
Reviewed 2003-10-19
Everyone’s favorite geeky indie-rock workaholic is back with a solo album! Rob Crow, half of Pinback and the leader of Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, and Optiganally Yours brings you a uniquely Rob solo album. _My Room is a Mess_ is a collection of 18 whimsical songs that feature Rob just goofing around. While it is fun to listen to Rob fool around, it doesn’t make for a very cohesive album. Most of the songs are short and never really developed. Sadly, many of the better and more developed songs have FCC’s.
This album really was recorded in Rob’s room and sounds like it. Most of the songs are played on acoustic instruments with occasional synthesized drums and weird sound effects. Overall, I’d describe the music as stripped down Pinback. The lyrics center on Rob’s obsessions: isolation, religion, rock and roll, and video games. Rob is as usual a clever and catchy song-writer, and this release should hold us over until the next Pinback album.

Stand-out tracks: 10, 17, 18

1. “Never Alone” - Short funky make-out music, very ‘70's. Rob has a lot of love to share.
2. “Beyond Him” - Acoustic Pinback-style, sad
3. “Jedi Outcast” - Silly death metal song about playing a Star Wars video game, FCC: shit
4. “Last Bus from the Che” - Folkier acoustic number about being at a rock show, needing to catch a bus, but wanting to stay
5. “Sun Freeze” - Slower sad desperate acoustic number
6. “Iocane” - Catchy, bouncy, with weird sound effects,
7. “Torrential Z” - folky, closely micced guitar.
8. “Helicopter” - bouncey and catchy, nice chorus
9. “Kill all the Humans” – FCC’s, brilliant
10. “Over the Summer” - very Pinbacky, folky with a funky break, weird
guitar scrawls, moving lyrics
11. “Wants/Needs” - closely micced guitar, self-help folk
12. “Some Things” - soft vocals in a driving groove, weird effects, Rob kinda raps, lyrics are a brilliant amalgamation of advertising slogans and Rob-talk
13. “When You Lie”. - FCC: fucked; weird folk, Rob’s thoughts about religion, commercial-sounding in a weird way
14. “Finger” - very spare acoustic number, disturbing
15. “Overtime” - FCC.’, driving synthesized drums, catchy, about dreaming of killing your boss
16. “Curtains on Fire”- catchy, memorable
17. “Catching the Trap” - spacious, constantly changing styles
18. “A Subtle Kiss” - muted guitar groove, catchy

Track Listing
1. Never Alone   10. Over the Summer
2. Beyond Him   11. Wants/Needs
3. Jedi Outcast   12. Some Things
4. Last Bus From the Che   13. When You Lie
5. Iocane   14. Finger
6. Sun Froze   15. Overtime
7. TORRENTIN/2   16. Curtains on Fire
8. Helicopter   17. Catching the Trap
9. Kill All the Humans   18. A Subtle Kiss