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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-12-08
“Everyone knows that the holidays can seem like a surreal psychodrama. Song-poem writers are just a little more upfront about it”. So says the liner notes of the latest “Song Poem” anthology released by Bar None records, this one covering Christmas/Holiday themed works. Oh dear god! If you don’t know, “song-poems” are compositions performed by top flight studio musicians using lyrics provided by paying customers. The customer received a few copies on vinyl singles and (empty) promises of fame and fortune. A thing of the past, song-poems go way back; most of these sound late 60’s, 70’s. Indeed, since the master tapes are long gone, these recordings were lifted from scratchy original vinyl found in people’s attics and at flea markets. Cheesy, strange, twisted, just plain wrong. What do you expect? Most unnerving is how the high quality of musicianship is juxtaposed with the abysmal songwriting. Downright disturbing. Merry Christmas!!

1) cheesy casino organ pop, clear female vocs, rhymes “smile” with “nuclear missile”. Say no more
2) slightly loungy pop, pretty fem vocs
3) strange 60’s garage pop feel, almost a Donovan quality about the vocs
4) early 70’s pop, w/ string arrangements even
5) disco xmass! Say no more
6) sentimental feel, male vocs
7) decidedly children’s song feel w/ bright fem vocs and bounce
8) another childlike melody w/ male lead/fem backup vocs, really stupid
9) vaudeville piano feel, lyrics enter @1:00, “chipmunk” harmonies, yeesh
10) this could pass for a gum commercial instead of a Christmas song, smarmy lounge organ and rich sultry female harmonies
11) title track- slightly off-key fem vocs, abysmal lyrics, ouch ouch OUCH!!! The musicians mustve been wasted to slog through this
12) piano ballad, religious, pitiful
13) 70’s pop flare, voice over, fem vocs, puh-leeze! “next of kind-er”?!?
14) god this is terrible- a 60’s type crooning ballad where the music is flawless, but the lyricist mustve been missing a chromosome
15) childlike waltz, santa theme
16) Christmas polka! Ay yi yi…
17) a song about abusing your children through deprivation of working toys- “mom and dad’ trade off vocals, childlike music
18) cool funk-kay soulful disco, fem vocs
19) covered by Yo La Tengo- santa in a space ship
20) romantic attempt fails (surprised?), New Year theme
21) sleighbells, 60’s pop, fem vocs

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Heather Noel Santa Came on a Nuclear Miss
2. Boyle, Bobbie with the Singers Santa Claus Goes Modern
3. Norris the Troubador, Seaboard Christmas Time Philosophy
4. Kent, Dick with the Lancelots A New Year's Dawning
5. Sisterhood, the The Rocking Disco Santa Clau
6. Beard, Stan & the Swinging Str Snowbows
7. Boyle, Bobbiewith the Msr Sing Randy. the Lil' Elf
8. Rogers, Rodd Maury, the Christmas Mouse
9. Reed, Randall with the Forerun The Peppermint Stick Man
10. Sisterhood, the Christmas Treat, Peppermint
11. Brown, Kay Daddy, Is Santa Really Six F
12. Rodd & the Librettos How Do They Spend Christmas
13. Sisterhood, the Ole Year Christmas
14. Gene Marshall Evelyn Christmas
15. Rodd & Nita Jolly, Jolly Santa Claus
16. Cash, Sonny Merry Christmas Polka
17. Rodd & Judy Santa Fix My Toys for Christ
18. Sisterhood, the Baby, It's a Cold Night in D
19. Rogers, Rod & the Librettos Santa Claus Goes Modern
20. Stewart, Cara with Lee Hudson The New Years Song
21. Summers, Teri & the Librettos Season's Greetings