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Artist:F.Y.P.   Added:Nov 2003
Label:Recess Records  

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Wherever the Creeps Go
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I'm Gonna Kill Her
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Wherever the Creeps Go
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Wherever the Creeps Go
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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2004-01-28
F.Y.P. "Toys That Kill" - Wonderful pop punk!!! The final album that F.Y.P. put out (Five Year Plan) just before re-forming into the group Toys That Kill (the name of this album). For more info on the band please check out the extensive liner notes. These guys put together some great silly pop punk done up right. Songs range from uptempo and bouncy to fast and frantic with your basic pop punk sound (you know, crunchy guitars, simple bass, and pounding drums). Some songs are really fun, others are pretty angry, and there are plenty of sing-along tunes as well. These guys do a great job. Reminds me a lot of the good stuff from The Queers or Screeching Weasel. Turn it on loud and jump around like a crazy person. Play it!!!!!
My Picks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 (fcc), 15
Katie P. 1/28/04

1) Uptempo guitar with vocals. Then the rest of band hits in loud. Pretty silly lyrics, but totally catchy. Fun.
2) Fast and frantic. Distorted vocals kind of yelling. Short.
3) Uptempo and bouncy. And you gotta love the chorus "come home Smelly, don't break my heart..." This is great!
4) Ooo, tom toms start it off. Then some harsh guitar. Uptempo, angry, and raw. This is really nice and even has a great guitar solo.
5) Fast and pounding yet still kind of light and fluffy. Even cute. Fcc: sayas "fuck" a few times.
6) Uptempo and rockin'. Song about please don't have a baby because the world doesn't need 2 (of you). Cute little keyboard (or maybe xylophone) in there. This is so cute and fun, but lyrics are very repetitive.
7) Solid midtempo with an almost slightly country sounding guitar (but only slightly). And as usual pretty silly lyrics.
8) Uptempo with a solid driving beat. Pretty bitter and angry lyrics, but don't worry it's still quite silly. Nice guitar solo too.
9) Starts with some really warbly sounding goofy song. Very lo-fi sounding, perhaps a damaged record? Very short.
10) Fast and pounding. Hard and angry, very nice. Fcc: says "fuck."
11) Very distorted and almost drunk sounding. Sloppy and whiny vocals. Wow, a song about 1000 dead cheerleaders!! This is great.
12) Fast and furious. Distorted vocals that just keep pummeling you. Fcc: minor one where it says "god damn."
13) Fast and fun. Very repetitive lyrics. Fcc: says "fuck" a few times.
14) Starts with pitch changing droning and then some distorted goofiness with someone's voice. Goes into some nice pounding harsh rock. Ooooo... Song kind of falls apart into chaos at the end.
15) Uptempo and bouncy. A great catchy tune just makes you want to sing along "I'm gonna kill her, when I see her." Very fun. And a nice guitar solo.
16) Starts with bass, adds in the drums and guitar distorts in with yelled vocals. This is hilarious! Screaming, freaking out, and paranoia. Originally by the Minutemen I think.
17) Starts with a telephone call. Totally goofy. Song comes in with a nice uptempo driving beat. A little angry. Cute organ, though.

Track Listing
1. Wherever the Creeps Go   9. Damage
2. Stupid's on   10. Animals
3. Come Home Smelly   11. 1000 Dead Cheerleaders
4. Disease   12. Outta My Head
5. Pappy   13. Hey Gorbie
6. Dont Have Another One   14. Decorate
7. Love's Been no Good to Me   15. I'm Gonna Kill Her
8. Belittle My Brain   16. Paranoid Chant
  17. Rub My Face in the Carpet