Braxton, Tyondai/Parts & Labor / Rise, Rise, Rise
Album: Rise, Rise, Rise   Collection:General
Artist:Braxton, Tyondai/Parts & Labor   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Narnack Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2004-02-11
Parts & Labor/Tyondai Braxton "Rise, Rise, Rise" - A split CD by 2 of the nicest noise/pop/experimental groups coming out of NY. There are 7 tracks by Parts & Labor and 3 tracks by Tyondai Braxton. The two groups go together really well even having their two tracks blend into each other. Although there are differences. Parts and Labor tend to fall more on the cute, rockin', happy side of things. You'll hear guitar that sometimes likes distortion and feedback, solid drums, cute electronic keyboards and lots of plinky/plunky sounds. The Braxton tracks are dark, noisier, and less song-like. You'll hear lots of electronics, squealing guitars, and loop effects all over the place. You can tell he really likes digital manipulation of vocals and instruments. All the songs are cool and worth checking out. Highly recommended for those looking for some noisier rock.
My Picks: 1, 2, 6, 9
Katie P. 2/11/04

1) Electronic thumping with some plinks start it off. Then some guitar comes in with some other distorted droning sounds. Nice build up and then it kind of drops back a bit. Solid midtempo beat. This is really cute sounding. Finally breaks out into some all out rock. Ends abruptly. Instrumental.
2) Starts with shimmery guitar noises and then some power chord hits. Uptempo with some pounding drums. Whoa, vocals! This is fun. Vocals are male and kind of yelled/sung.
3) Pounding and angry. Lots of distortion and feedback on guitars. Holy crap! Bagpipes!! Man, this is impressive. They actually make bagpipes sound like rockin' instruments. Slower midtempo pace. Instrumental.
4) Really lo-fi recording of acoustic guitar and some percussive sounds. Instrumental.
5) Quiet and screeching at the same time. Drums come in and pick up the tempo to a nice uptempo beat. Cool sliding bass line. Instrumental.
6) Starts with guitar picking the same note over and over. More guitars added with drums. Faster midtempo beat. Cute keyboards/electronic blips. Instrumental.
7) Fades in with soft droning spacey sounds. Guitar comes in and then more vocals! Fast sharp drums (although tempo isn't very fast) with guitar squeals here and there. Continues into next track.
8) Continues from previous track. Adds more squealing guitars and picks up the tempo. More male vocals. Dark and ominous feeling. Pounding drums and lots of screeching and scratching guitars.
9) Starts with quiet, far-away sounding vocals mostly making ah-ahs (no real words). Occasional guitar comes in. Very minimal for the first few minutes. Layers of more guitars, vocals, and other noises added. Ooo, crazy stereo effects. Layers cut in and out abruptly, so don't be alarmed. Eventually turns more into a weird noisy song with lyrics and crazy effects on the vocals. Plodding and dragging tempo. Very long track.
10) Starts with piano and shimmery sounds that are a bit metallic and electronic. About halfway through a guitar comes in, and the song changes a bit. Eventually some digitally manipulated vocals come in with the occasional pounding drum. Fcc: says "fuck."

Track Listing
1. Dont Just Fucking Stand Ther   6. Probably Feeling Better Alry
2. Days in Thirds   7. The Endless Air Show
3. Jurassic Technology   8. Stand there
4. Good Morning Black Eye   9. Disintegrating Reels
5. Voltage   10. Jackpot